Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the mr to the mrs

10 important things to know about Reid

1. Reid is from South Carolina and claims that Virginia is most definitely not the south. This of course gets under my skin and I clearly explain to him that our now home town of Richmond, Virginia, was once the capital of the south and is MOST definately under the Mason Dixon Line... It is my personal mission to convince this South Carolina boy that Virginia is most def the SOUTH.

2. Reid.loves.Clemson.

3. Reid really loves Clemson

4. Reid really really really loves Clemson. In fact he loves most everything about Clemson except their basketball team and thank god - I cannot stand to hear that squeaking they make when they run up and down the court. 

5. Reid stole the heart of my dog Sampson and refuses to give it back

6. He is a saint to put up with all of my southern craziness

7. He does not like to write thank you notes

8. He is pretty handy to have around! He built this shed for instance

9. He has wonderful northern parents who are from Rhode Island and I swear I cannot tell the difference between beer and bear! 

10. Last but not least... he really is handsome isn't he?

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