Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks.

I just can't believe how quickly this 3rd trimester is flying by...Lucie will be here before I know it and I need to get my butt in gear!

Thankfully this upcoming weekend will be our first at home in 5 weeks and hopefully our "to-do" will get a ton of check marks.

Ok, on to the bumpdate!

|| Dress ||

How far along: 33 weeks.

Size of babe: a cauliflower blossom.

Gender: It's a girl - Lucie!

Husband: He loved seeing his college/highschool buddies this past weekend while I was getting my baby shower on. I was honestly so thankful that he was able to spend some QT time with them...partly because I was able to have a night alone, sans husband and dogs but mostly because they have this weird "bro-ship" that spans beyond friendship and just don't get enough time together.

Fave maternity item: This dress...it's actually not maternity but I'm almost 8 months pregnant and totally rocked it at my baby shower this weekend. And for being from Anthro, you can't beat the price!

Loving: The smell of Draft baby detergent, folding all the tiny little socks, onesies and gowns, seeing the nursery come together, still being able to fit in some non maternity clothes and this lovely break in the heat.

Loathing: My contacts, the fact that my two dogs have put themselves on a new sleeping schedule where they wake up at 3am every night, my lack of motivation during the week and having to pee every 5 seconds.

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: My whole belly moves when she does and it's super weird.

Symptoms: Feet hurt when I stand too long, I feel like I have restless leg syndrome because they feel weird at night, still can't kick this congestion and some minor heart burn.

Best part of the week: The sweetest baby shower for Lucie and me and being absolutely alone on Friday night. I ate terrible food, (actually it was delicious, just not the most healthy thing in the world....ok it was an entire cup of queso and a Moe's burrito bowl but who is counting calories these days? ) watched the Longest Ride on Demand (and damn, Scott Eastwood is really a handsome man) and then went to bed early. It was pretty much heaven.

Worst part of the week: Monday. It came way to fast.

Baby Item of the Week: We still need a car seat. And can't decide between the Maxi Cosi Mico AP and Britax B Safe. I really like the Maxi Cosi because it is so light weight, but the infant weight only goes up to 22lbs. They do make the Mico Max 30 but I've just recently found out that one is not compatible with our stroller. The Britax looks great and everyone I know who has it, loves it BUT it seems so heavy....someone please just tell me what to order and I will push purchase on Amazon right this second.

Can't wait for: This weekend when we are finally going to have some time around the house to get stuff done! Reid's honey do list is currently 3 pages long.... who knows, maybe there might be a sneak peek this weekend on insta of Lucie's nursery!


Monday, August 10, 2015

A Shower for Lucie.

Lucie is already so spoiled.

Lord help me and her.

We are also beyond lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.

Ones that go out of their way to host the most perfect shower for mama and baby girl.

|| My Dress and it''s not maternity || 

Ones that travel almost 7 hours to love on my baby bump and play photog while I open presents and soak up all the attention.

|| Ashley || Stephanie ||

Ones who have been by my side since college and can't wait to see Lucie join in the fun with their own little ones.

 Ones that shower us with precious gifts and love.

 Ones that make sure that each and every decoration was perfectly personalized for Lucie and me, including baby pics of Reid and me, monograms and my fave childhood book.

|| Cake || 

|| Amazing Cookies || 

To my sweet SIL and Bestie, thank you to the moon and back for hosting the sweetest shower celebrating Lucie and me. You two make me smile everyday!

And thank you to Stephanie, who even with a boot on her foot, captured most of these photos.

A special congrats goes out to Erin E. for winning the stunning Lark studs from Made!
(winner picked by Random.org)


Sunday, August 9, 2015

So Much Love.

So much love happened this weekend.

Not only did my sister in law and bestie throw the most perfect shower for Lucie and me, my sweet friends from near and far came out to celebrate.

I feel like one lucky girl.

|| Dress || Photo by Olive and Tate ||

I've got a million pictures to sort through tonight and can't wait to show you this stunning shower and  a couple familiar faces tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#TBT: Fave Posts.

Since I'm still celebrating Virginia Sweet's two year blogaversary, why not throw back to my fave posts over the last year?

Whether we were announcing our biggest adventure yet, our first parenting decision or my ability to go from a normal human being to a crazy, hormonal mess in less than a second, they are all me and that just means something special.

Here we go.

Our biggest announcement has to be my number one choice. This one set the stage for most of my other fave posts and is about to change our lives forever in 8 short weeks.

Coming in at a very close number two has to be our very first parenting decision

Number three was easy...it was another subject very near and dear to my heart and it involved me putting on my big girl panties and establishing where home really was.

Four, was most certainly not one of my finest moments and to this day, I cannot believe I admitted to loosing my complete shit on Reid.

And number 5...because no one really ever told me that being pregnant wasn't all rainbows and sunshine. 

I hope these were some of your favorite posts as well. Don't forget to enter everyday for the precious Made studs on this post here.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bumpdate: 32 Weeks.

Hey Friends! 

Thank you so much for all the love yesterday, you ladies keep this this little crazy space of mine going! 

Anyone up for a little bumpdate?

How far along: 32 weeks.

Size of babe: a Florida Pomelo, whatever that is....evidently she is about 18" long and about 3.5-4lbs

Gender: It's a girl - Lucie!

Weight: A whopping 25 big ones thus far.

Husband: Poor Reid. I had a total melt down on him on Sunday...I mean it was pregnancy rage at it's finest...I lost my ever lovin shit on him. The man deserves a reward after Lucie arrives. I've been keeping him super busy around the house these days as I feel like the weekends are quite limited from here on out and we still have so many projects to check off our list. He has been on me about keeping my feet up and getting plenty of rest. I honestly don't think I deserve him most days because I am just a pain in the butt...

Fave maternity item: I've stopped buying maternity items and an now just trying to make due with what I have....I've turned my attention to finishing out the registry. I snagged this baby bouncer from Amazon after seeing a family member use it and I'm obsessed! Can't wait for Lucie to get here and actually try it out!

Loving: Showers, cold water, anything un-healthy to eat, this dress (ps...it's currently $30) that Steph made me buy for after I have the baby and Lucie's curtains that just arrived on Saturday!

Loathing: This random sore throat and congestion I got all of the sudden, my swollen feet, the fact that I bent over the other day to pet the dog and fell over trying to get back up and every single piece of clothing that actually fits me right now.

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: She is on the move and what is even weirder is that I can see my stomach change and shift when she does.

Symptoms: Still having those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions all the time and my bump is super tight. The Doc says that I'm just lucky (or unlucky) to be skinny and I can feel every little contraction and movement the baby makes every single time. As for the tightness....evidently, it will only get worse. Other symptoms include swollen feet and fingers, being out of breath by the time I reach the top of the steps and this ridiculous summer cold that has ascended upon me.

Best part of the week: The sweet baby shower in Williamsburg, scheduling my maternity photos and feeling like we are actually getting somewhere in the nursery!

Worst part of the week: Head cold...enough said.

Can't wait for: Seeing all my fave people at my last baby shower this weekend...my sweet sister in law and bestie are throwing Lucie her last big bash before she arrives in September!

|| Dress ||


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Virginia Sweet: 2 Years + a Giveaway!

2 years huh?

I simply cannot believe that it has been two years since my very first post here on Virginia Sweet. It amazes me how much this little space has grown and how much I have learned not only about blogging but about myself.

 I am beyond grateful for the amazing tribe of readers who faithfully listen as I rant and rave about being pregnant in the dead of summer, slap some sense into me when I totally need it and tell me how pretty I look on those days that just plain suck. 

Thank you.

Thank you for supporting this blog and me over the last 2 years. 

And because I love you so, I've got something special for ya! 

I found these earrings on Instagram and fell in love. Not only are they stunning and so wearable, they are also made by the sweetest local Richmond gal...and there is nothing that I love more than supporting our hometown and a small, women owned business.


I emailed Lauren with Made in Mechanicsville to let her know how much of a fan I was and she responded by generously providing me with two pairs of these gold Lark earrings. Clearly, I kept one pair for myself and have been wearing them non stop.

The other pair is for one lucky reader in celebration of Virginia Sweet's 2 year Blogaversary.

I'll keep this giveaway open all week and announce the winner next Tuesday...good luck friends!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up.

No rest for the weary in this house folks...we were on the go from the time we got off work on Friday to Sunday at 7pm.

We are in total baby prep mode and are up to our ears in gift bags, boxes and Amazon deliveries.

What I really need is for Amazon Prime to offer is a 500 square foot extension to our house - do you think they can deliver that in 2 days for free?

No, I didn't think so either...well here is a recap of our busy weekend.

Friday we dinned with 2 of our fave people at Southbound. The food was delicious and so was the company. Nothing like good friends and good food to end a crazy work week.

Saturday, I woke up at 6am because you know, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and can't sleep. I cleaned the kitchen, re-oranized the cabinets to accommodate all the new bottles, breast pump supplies and other baby items that keep piling up and wrote a mountain of thank you notes. Around 9am Lucie's curtains were delivered by my new go to sewing lady and I'm in love. I can't wait to get them up and show them off. When Reid got home from the gym, we finished painting Lucie's dresser and grabbed lunch before heading to infant CPR class at noon.

After we learned how to successfully save our baby in the event of an emergency, we treated ourselves to naps on separate floors of the house. Reid took the downstairs couch with the pups, and I claimed the master bedroom.

Alarm went off at 4:30 and out the door we went again to a quick stop at Chick Fil-A and then down town for a trolly brewery tour. Yes, you read that right...me, at almost 8 months pregnant, paid to get on a trolly with 25 other people and brewery hop. No, I'm not crazy...we bought this Groupon, along with 6 other of friends, before I even got pregnant and it was about to expire. We had a great time but I was wiped out!

Sunday showed no mercy either. Up again by 7am and mind racing with so many things to get done. Laundry, finally unpacking our bags from the beach, more baby organizing, a completely embarrassing pregnancy rage moment and then showering and getting ready for my baby shower in Williamsburg.

Reid and I hit the road around 11:30 and made it down to Williamsburg just in time for me to raid my parent's fridge and a quick change for the baby shower.

My fabulous Godmother Joanne, and my mother's two amazing friends hosted the sweetest shower in honor of Lucie and me. The personal touches were just so sweet and I feel so grateful to be bringing our daughter into this family filled with such amazing and strong women.

Since the Williamsburg shower was the total highlight of my weekend, I decided to spare you from all the boring aspects of my weekend and show you what you really want to see...food and fabulous shower decor.

I died for the personal and special touches at this shower. The monogramed cake, real silver and china passed down from mother to daughter, sterling silver baby cups hanging from the chandelier, the fact that one of those cups happened to be my own mothers baby cup and my baby picture.


Lucie is one lucky little lady! 

I honestly can't believe you made it through this entire post...you deserve some wine for sure! In fact, have a whole bottle for me.

Did I happen to mention tomorrow is a special day on Virginia Sweet? And we will be celebrating with a gorgeous give away?

Hint hint, I have them on in the photo above!


Linking up with my gal Biana, from B Loved Boston! 
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