Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks.

When I got pregnant, I promised myself this blog would not turn into one long bumpdate.
But sadly, it looks like that's what has happened.

I just can't seem to get my act together any more.
I'm a hot mess.
And I feel awfully pregnant these days, as one probably should at 31 weeks and in the dead of summer.

So before I digress any further, let me fill you in on life as a 31 week pregnant person.

How far along: 31 weeks.

Size of babe: Romaine lettuce and evidently Lucie is just packing on the lbs these day...I think mama is too.

Gender: It's a girl!

Weight: We shall find out on Monday at my 32 week appointment!

|| Dress || Nail Polish || 
Husband: He is being so bossy these days! Making me put my feet up and telling me to drink more water and to stop eating the entire box of Dunkin' Donut Munchkins. Who does he think he is? I'm the bossy one in this relationship...

Fave maternity item: I'm sorta over being pregnant this week so let me share with you my most fave non maternity item instead. I am totally digging this cardigan and have it on my must wear list for the fall. I see a mom uniform consisting of nursing tanks, leggings and that cardigan consuming my life shortly.

Loving: Oh my god, I have eaten 2 entire boxes of Milk Duds in the past three days...I'm obsessed. Loving that my mother cleaned our entire house and went grocery shopping for us while we were away on vacation. And having our pups back!

Loathing: Being awake, my feet and not feeling Lucie move.

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: She is doing somersaults in there and it is crazy to watch. Now Reid can really see her moving around and claims I have an alien in my tummy.

Symptoms: So many Braxton Hicks contractions happening over here. So many, that I got sent home on Monday with direct orders to lay down and drink a ton of water. Evidently, I might have over done it while on vacation and my Dr was not too happy. I'll be seeing her again on Monday to get my official scolding and check up.

Best part of the week: Having a real excuse to lay on the couch while Reid does everything and the shower my sweet work friends threw for me and Lucie this past weekend! Really, I am truly thankful for all the amazing people in my life.

Worst part of the week: Feeling super pregnant and not being my normal peppy self.

Can't wait for: Seeing a ton of sweet family friends this upcoming weekend at my 2nd official shower!

So next week is a pretty big week around's Virginia Sweet's two year anniversary!
And we're celebrating with a super sweet giveaway, a couple fave posts of mine and a state of the union address.

Are y'all still with me?


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bumpdate: 30 Weeks.

Hey Friends! 

Greetings from South Carolina....Reid and I are enjoying a great week of un-plugged relaxation at the beach with our family. 

I realized yesterday around 5pm that it was Wednesday and I had not taken one, single picture thus far. So, I threw on a dress and made Reid play photog for my 30 week bumpdate shot. 

How far along: 30 weeks.

Size of babe: a cantaloupe, about 17" long and 3lbs.

Gender: It's a girl!

Weight: I am finally where the dr wants me to do....20 lbs up.

Husband: He is enjoying his vaca by playing golf as much as possible, reading the Maze Runner series, drinking his way through his Yeti cooler and making sure that I am not overdoing it. I've even gotten a couple good foot rubs out of him this week. Vacation clearly suits him.

Fave maternity item: I've been living in either bathing suits or pj's this entire week. I won't bore you with the details or pictures of my maternity swim style but I will share this awesome Target find. Since we were going to be in a house with other people, I did not think that underwear and one of Reid's t-shirts was an appropriate form of cover up. I can guarantee that no one wants to see my exposed thighs while standing in line for their morning or not. So I snagged this little get up on my last trip to Target and I am in love. It's not maternity so I sized up on the nightgown but stayed true to size on the robe. It is just so soft and the top is slightly padded so I can go sans bra. Win.

Loving: Carbs and Oreos....That is about all I have been eating. And cold water, I just want to drink about 10 gallons a day! I'm also loving the pool and sitting on the beach knocking out some of the books on this reading list.

Loathing: The heat...even on the beach it is sooo freaking hot. My feet, they are turning on me these days. And bending over. Life is exciting over here!

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: Lucie has been on a sugar high since the start of this trip. She has been moving all over the place and thank goodness! There is a sweet little 3 year old girl on our vaca and she asks me every day "Is Lucie moving?"  I just love seeing her little hand on my belly and her big, wide eyes when she can feel a kick or nudge.

Symptoms: My feet are starting to swell and hurt, along with my hands and legs. The nightly leg cramps are no fun at all either. So thirsty and hungry all the time, but feel like death after I eat a big meal. I am most certainly in my third trimester and feeling every second of it.

Best part of the week: Having not a damn thing to do while on vacation and sitting in complete silence on the beach with Reid, reading our books....heaven.

Worst part of the week: Taking a peek at my work phone and seeing 44 emails from yesterday.

Can't wait for: Seeing our pups when we get home and my first baby shower this Sunday!

|| Dress - non maternity ||

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Reading List.

Those 3 words used to be the bane of my existence as a child.
I hated the obligatory summer reading list my school would send if we were all so super excited to have more home work instead of a 3 month play date.

Now, I wish for the time where pre-made reading lists were at my finger tips. I long for the days when my mother would carve out personal time for me at the pool for reading hour.

I want that life again.

So, I decided to take it upon myself to create my own summer reading list.

SummerReading List
So here's the plan...
Along with our expanded pack of Cards Against Humanity, I'm taking some of these perfect summer reads along with me.

I'm throwing in a historical fiction and an awesome baby book to make myself feel better about the rest of the girly reads on my list.
Good plan huh?
I came up with it all by myself.

So while the rest of the fam is sipping on aloholic drinks, I'll be tipping back water with a splash of lemon, reading and trying not to think about having to pee every 5 minutes. 
Wish me luck with that last one...

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks.

This bump and babe are growing at a rapid rate and September will be here before I know it. With every weekend between now and the end of August packed full, this mama to be is starting to get a little anxious about getting everything done in time. 

Good thing Reid and I are about to take a full week off to relax and sit in the sun. 

29 weeks....where did the time go? 

How far along: 29 weeks.

Size of babe: a Hawaiian pineapple - so cute!

Gender: A sweet baby girl!

Husband: He is still holding strong and keeping things on the home front in check. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. He has really risen to the occasion in spite of me acting like a complete clown all the time and not lifting a finger around the house. Poor man is still waiting for my nesting to kick in.

Fave maternity item: Loving this Target maternity top and loving even more than I got it for 20% off with my Cartwell app. So soft and so feminine, just perfect for work or play.

Loving: Milk Duds again....I just cannot get enough of them these days. Oh, and I am so loving cereal for dinner, fresh fruit and air conditioning.

Loathing: Still not being able to find the perfect outfit for my upcoming maternity pics, how stiff my hands feel at the end of the day and shoes.

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: Lucie has been so active this past week. She loves to poke me on my left side and let me know she is in there! Poor girl is probably on a constant sugar high due to my ever increasing sweet tooth.

Symptoms: I am so freakin tired, come 3 o'clock, I can barely keep my eyes open! All I think about it laying in bed with the least amount of clothes on. My hand and feet are starting to feel stiff and swollen. I am having a little bit of heartburn and total baby brain.

Best part of the week: Having some me time. Sleeping in, getting a mani and pedi and spending as much time at Target as possible.

Worst part of the week: Preparing to be out of the office for an entire week.

Can't wait for: Reid and I are off to a week at the beach on Saturday and I cannot wait to sit around and do absolutely nothing besides read, eat, see family and play Cards Against Humanity.

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fake it till you make it.

Let me tell you, this week has been one for the books...and it's not over yet.
I'm scheduled to work this Saturday.
And I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

It's cool though...I've got a plan.

 I'll sleep in as long as I can, leave the house just in time for a quick run by Starbucks, show up with a smile on my face and fake it till I make it.

Sounds good, huh?

While I'm on the subject of faking it, allow me to let you in on my little secret when it comes to looking wide awake.

This concealer currently saves my life on a daily basis. The thing I love most is that it provides so much hydration to my under eye area while hiding the dark circles caused by pregnancy insomnia and total exhaustion.

Because it comes in a stick form, it's super quick to apply and perfect to throw in my purse. I especially love to wear this in summer because it's lightweight and doesn't seem to smudge when I touch my face. I don't wear a liquid foundation so I appreciate the lighter tent of color and soft feel this concealer gives without looking cakey.

I apply Fake Up under my eyes and to any problem spots, blend in for 2.5 seconds and then throw on my powder foundation, bronzer, blush and mascara, and I am good to roll out the door. A little goes a long way and stays on pretty much all day.

Now, if you are looking for a total full coverage concealer, Fake Up may not be your check this gal out instead. She'll cover up anything!

This is not a sponsored post, just a product that I love and use every single day. I hope my secret weapon comes in handy for you.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bumpdate: 28 Weeks.

Oh hey!
Remember me?

Let me not only get you caught up on this bump of mine, but this past weekend and week thus far.

Reid, the pups and I headed down to Williamsburg to spend the weekend with family. We totally unplugged. I did not take a single picture. Nor did I stalk Instagram or Facebook. And I did not even think about blog. It was really nice to just enjoy our family and celebrate the 4th.
Oh I did read cover to cover the new Grey book....and I'm a fan.

Work has been crazy but really good. I feel like I've gotten a great handle on this remodel and the light at the end of the tunnel is super bright! Things are still really busy but that's ok, I suspect they will be right up until I take my maternity leave.

This summer is just flying by and Lucie will be here before I know it.
I'm so looking forward to our week long beach vaca in two weeks.
I need to slow down a little.

On to the bumpdate!

How far along: 28 weeks.

Size of babe: a tropical coconut, almost 16" tall and 2.5lbs.

Gender: A sweet baby girl!

Husband: He is taking this Daddy thing so seriously! We were babysitting our 15 month niece tonight and he was so concerned about her blankets and stuffed animals being in the crib ... I think those baby classes really put the fear of God into him about SIDS. He surprises me every single day with his positive attitude and sheer excitement about bringing Lucie into the world. I'm just so impressed with him and can't wait to see his face light up when he holds our little girl for the first time.

Fave maternity item: Umm this dress I am wearing in my bumpdate pics this week. I have it in 3 colors and 2 more are on the way from Old Navy. This dress is available in maternity but I just bought the normal tall version and sized up. I get so many compliments on this dress and would be perfect for someone newly pregnant to hide their growing bump!

Loving: Milk Duds (I ate an entire box today), cold water, our new painted ceilings, new windows and back door, and actually getting some great sleep this week.

Loathing: Not having blinds (watch out neighbors, you might see something you really wish you hadn't), the fact that my engagement ring does not fit anymore, my feet at the end of the day, and trying to find baby shower dresses.

Belly button: Well, I'm officially an outtie!

Movement: Lucie has been a bit lazy these days and making this mama worry! Ive been sneaking an afternoon sip of Coke just to make sure all is well down there.

Symptoms: Well, I'm officially in my third trimester and right on queue ... hello swelling hands and feet. They just feel so stiff in the morning and night. I am trying to push more and more water, but I am about to float away. I am feeling so pregnant these days...especially walking up steps or lugging around my laptop bag. And all I want to do is eat candy

Best part of the week: Getting these house projects done thanks to our awesome contractor Erik and checking things off my massive to do list at work. I actually feel like I'm making a dent in both remodel projects!

Worst part of the week: Just being so gosh darn busy and dreading working this Saturday.

Can't wait for: Getting this house put back together and celebrating my Mom's birthday this weekend!

Linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday.

Chat more tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work is Work.

I never really chat about work on here but it's sorta consuming my life at the moment.
So bear with me as I vent just a little.

For those of you that are new around here, I work for the largest wholesale plumbing company in the US, but most homeowners know my company for our high-end Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Galleries. My job as lighting manager is to basically deal with anything and everything that you can put a light bulb in. But my passion is working on the displays in these amazing galleries and drooling over the fabulous light fixtures we get to put up.

 We are gearing up for a major gut and renovation at our main Richmond location. This remodel starts this upcoming Monday and is sort of a big deal. As the last couple light fixtures came down today, the reality of the project hit me hard and that light at the end of the tunnel seems further and further away. The "fun" will really start next week...demo and designing a lighting layout for the new space.

This design process has me both excited and anxious. While the projected construction schedule is currently on my side as far as maternity leave goes...I'm no fool. I know that remodels never go as planned and can just feel it in my bones that I'll be out when this design goes up live.

And that thought scares me to death.

This remodel is my current baby and to hand over control of this massive project, even to incredibly capable and amazing hands, is really hard for me to comprehend. I know this remodel will be the last thing on my mind while I stare at Lucie's tiny fingers and toes but I'm just not there yet. My mind is swarming with lighting trends, fancy fixtures and display orders to place. Thankfully, my support team at work is incredible and I've been able to keep my crazy in check.

So as the construction crew, dumpsters and porta pottys arrive on Monday, I will be starring at construction blueprints, trying to make sense of 8,000 square feet worth of lighting clouds. I will remain calm and remember that I love this part of my job/convince myself it'll all work itself out.

Because it will.
 It always does.
And the project will be amazing!

Ok, enough venting for one day...
Tell me, what are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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