Tuesday, September 3, 2013

game day and tailgate reveal: Clemson vs UGA

Did I already mention that we just had the best time at the game this past weekend? Being in Clemson is a home coming for my husband and seeing him there, happy and with his best buddies is one of my favorite things! Clemson is also a true southern university, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by lakes and cowfields this university is a must see!

outside Death Valley
 I don't know how to explain it, the energy in Death Valley on Saturday night was electric. Now, I must confess, I was sorta bored for the first half ....Clemson would score, Georgia would score, Clemson would give it a go and Georgia would return the favor and so on and so fourth.... Exhaustion was also setting in (we had been up since early in the am and I did not sit down all day!) so I was more than happy to trudge back through the massive crowd to our tailgate for half time. (YES Clemson does let you leave the stadium and re-enter during the game... they even stamp your hand. How very efficient????) I also must admit that the thought did cross my mind to not re-enter the game. Y'all, I.was.spent. and it was already passed 10:30pm BUT I put my big girl panties on and headed back in to watch the rest of the game. I am so glad I did!!! When Georgia missed that field goal during the 3rd quarter our Clemson Clan knew that we had a shot. The crowd began reacting to Clemson's every move and cheered our Tigers on to a glorious victory!! What a feeling to be a part of such joy and excitement!

As promised from yesterday's post, here is a snap shot of our day:
packed and ready to be loaded
boys were supposed to be packing the car! 
we drove past ESPN College Game Day on Bowman Field

it's all in the details!
custom Clemson logo for our Clan! Thank you Kate and Terri for the cookies and cups!
Pimento Cheese!

candid corn hole shots
just some random fun pics! Love that industrial fan we had! 

poor Georgia fans! 
Clemson Wins! 
Well folks, other than an interesting stop off at McDonalds at 1:15am, that about sums up our day! What did you think?? Phew, I am really tired just thinking about it but so thankful we made the trip! 

Later Loves!



  1. Omg that looks incredible! I love the "thanks for popping by" sign - love me some champagne! And please don't look at our sad little tailgate that I just posted about ;) Glad you had a good trip!!

  2. I love all your great tailgating ideas!

  3. Love love love this - you have inspired me to do my own blog - you are so talented!

  4. Great looking tailgate! We are Clemson alums and huge fans! We love going back to tailgate for football games but our tailgates don't look quite this cute and coordinated. I'll have to work on that :) What did you use to make the hanging football and the banner? Is it burlap?

  5. Ok that mac and cheese looks super tasty! I'm going to have to check out your recipe for that! And I love the bracelets! Those are super popular right now. Yay for a fun weekend weekends newcastle

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