Friday, September 6, 2013

Southern Send-off, Meet Blogtember

Most of my fabulous followers know that I end each week with a Southern Send-off. Just a little something southern to get you on your way to a great weekend. And since I am taking part in the Blogtember challange, why not combine the two?

So today's prompt for Blogtember is to write a "a story about a time you were very afraid."

Well, I was very afraid when Darius Rucker released Wagon Wheel.... I know this is not a real tragedy or life altering event to most people but it sorta really made me afraid.... This is a classic, southern song, right up there with Family Tradition or Dixie Land Delight.Why mess with that?
Truthfully, the real reason this whole thing makes me afraid is because this song has a very special place in my heart.  Believe it or not this was our wedding song. That's right folks, we danced our first dance as man and wife to Wagon Wheel!

Reid and I love this song. Way back when we had just started dating, I was living in Charlotte and we would frequent all too often a local bar, Ed's Tavern and this song was on its play list. It just hit home for us, we were in a long distance relationship and one of us was always "heading down" the road to one of the Carolina's to see their "baby tonight". 

I was actually upset when I heard that Darius Rucker had bought the rights to Wagon Wheel. My friends sent me text messages saying they heard it on the radio.... I thought "oh no!!" this song is so special and should be kept as is!
Ok come on.....I mean, doesn't it make you just a little sad to think that most people believe that Darius Rucker wrote Wagon Wheel? This whole younger generation is now singing along to this "new" hit. Living in the south, I know that the true Wagon Wheel is preformed by a crazy bunch called Old Crow Medicine Show and you must give a listen here!
  Now, I am not saying that I do not enjoy Hootie, I think he is wonderful, loves his country and a proud southerner! Other than be being a HUGE South Carolina fan, I think the man is fabalous! In fact last night Reid and I, along with another couple Lorin and Jeremy, braved the Richmond country music scene to see Darius Rucker preform at Snagajob Pavilion. 
It was awesome weather and even better company. It feels so good to get out and take in all that Richmond has to offer. We even caught a glimpse of a beautiful hot air balloon dropping low for peek.

 And the crowd! It was so diverse and so Richmond. I was shocked that the mood was so somber in the begining when Darius was just singing country but the second he pulled an old Hootie & the Blowfish song out the crowd went wild. There is the Richmond I know!  He, of course, ended the night with Wagon Wheel and Purple Rain - DUH!

Also, congrats to Darius for being the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry, you can't get more southern than that!

Even though I am not in love with Hootie's version of Wagon Wheel, we all had a great time!  Maybe I should take a lesson from my post yesterday and be nice, and not be afraid of change.... I should embrace it and be happy that our song is out in the world. (I still think the original is better and always will!)
What do you think?
Have a grand weekend loves!
Ps. Do y'all want to know a secrect? Hahah can't believe I am telling you this. I actually wrote this post on my phone while standing in line at the porta potty.  Eeek! Sorry I am not sorry!  xoxo


  1. Darius Rucker's version of "Wagon Wheel" has totally, totally grown on me... it's so perfect to turn way up on the radio, roll the windows down, and sing out loud. I do know people who HATE it, though. Some people will always prefer the original!

    Fun post :) Clicked over from Blogtember!

  2. Such a different way to look at today's Blogtember post. Your story completely pulled me in.

    Kari | Lipstick Stains & Coffee Cups


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