Monday, September 9, 2013

Watch Out, Sharp Turns Ahead!

We're back on the Blogtember bandwagon and today's prompt is to describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

Today's post is not something that I share often so I am a little nervous! Wish me luck...

I would have to say the very moment I moved to Charlotte my life took a dramatic turn. It was August 1st, 2007 and I was newly engaged, for the first time, and new in Charlotte. I had been out of college for a short 14 months and accepted a promotion with my company, moving me from Charlottesville, VA to Charlotte, NC. I was lucky enough to move in with my brother who actually works for the same company I do and was my boss (heck he still is!). He and a college buddy of mine were the only two people I knew in Charlotte. At the time, the plan was for my then fiancĂ© to join me down there and start our life together. 

But obviously that did not happen. 

I was a young twenty two year old and reality hit me like a brick wall.... I was just not ready to be someone's wife. It is really hard to let the people that you care about down but ultimately you have to do what was best for you.  I called off the wedding about 3 months in and went through one of the most difficult times in my life. My brother soon transferred to Virginia and I, other than my one college buddy and my dear work friends, was alone. 

I truly did not like Charlotte at first. I was homesick. I missed all those backyard bbq's that my college friends were having back in VA. I missed my parents. And I was questioning every decision I had made in the last year. I was a mess but I stayed.

Slowly, but surely, Charlotte became my home and I surrounded myself with a great group of friends, reconnected with a high school friend who became my roommate (we ended up marrying best friends) and eventually met Reid at a bar. Hah thank you Selwyn Pub! Looking back now, I miss it but I love love love Richmond, love my life, love my hubby and see big things in the horizon. 

 I did a lot of growing up in Charlotte. I learned to depend on myself, to pay my own bills, cried a lot and laughed a lot. I am thankful for everyone who was there to support me and so happy I put my big girl panties on and stayed. 

The road to who I am today was definitely bumpy and had some treacherous turns. But aren't those tricky turns the same ones that make life interesting? 

Thanks for letting me share today, till later loves!



  1. So nice to hear that moving, even though it seemed to be very hard and lonely at first, was a good thing for you. You found yourself, and more. These stories always make me smile :)

  2. I have been in a similar situation to this before. Its really is a place of self discovery. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is one of the hardest things in the world to do: learn to depend upon ourselves. I am still learning and I am 62 years old. Thanks for sharing. I found your through Blogtember

  4. yay! so glad that you stayed and came into your own on your own time!


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