Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks.

How far along: 27 weeks.

Size of babe: a bunch of bananas

Gender: A sweet baby girl!

Weight gain: 13 lbs

Husband: He has been so great and spent the entire weekend working on Lucie's nursery. I cannot believe he got so much done. The walls are painted, the crib is put together, the dresser is half way done...the man is a champ. Bless his bones.

Fave maternity item: I've been really impressed with this pregnancy app. I love the food safety look up and pregnancy by week descriptions. Early on, I think I checked this thing every hour. Plus, it doesn't have any crazy chat groups or forums....believe me, you just don't want to go there.

Loving: Fresh fruit, anything sweet, peeking into Lucie's nursery and starring at the little dresses that are already hanging in her closet, a 4 day work week, Suits and True Detective on tv, and my curly hair, because let's be honest....the hairdryer is the devil.

Loathing: People asking me how I feel every single time they see me, getting ready in the morning, deciding what outfit to re-wear and my feet hurting.

Belly button: when I am really full or the end of the day, a little, tiny bit of it is an outtie....

|| shirt || shorts ||
Movement: Oh yea, there is a baby in there alright! Pretty sure she had the hiccups the other night and that was so weird.

Symptoms: Hmmmm, pretty much the same as last week....Just add on a crazy increased appetite, unquenchable thirst, an increased need to go pee every time I stand up and outrageous nesting.

Best part of the week: Having my mom tag along with me to my Dr's apt on Monday and seeing Lucie's crib put together. Melt my heart!

Worst part of the week: TDap shot and the hysterical, ugly cry moment about having weeds in the front yard. Reid is a lucky, lucky man.

Researching this week: Baby monitors.....ummm help me, I don't even know where to start.

Can't wait for: Spending the weekend in Williamsburg for the 4th of July holiday!

Tomorrow, let me tell you all about what is going on at work...


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where is Home?

"Where is home for you?"

Reid asked me this question once.
At the time,  I was too busy eating my tacos to really take him seriously so I almost ignored him.
What did he mean where is home for me?

I thought it was simple...

My home is my parents house in Williamsburg.

Was I wrong?
This was my gut reaction...so clearly, I went with it.

Home is my childhood house.
My bedroom, which still has my pictures from high school up on the walls.
The staircase that I walked down my entire life.
The yard that I spent hours roaming around and have my childhood pets buried.
The living room that we spent every Christmas in and still do.
The window I used to stare out of, waiting in anticipation for my brothers to get home from college.
Home is the house I grew up in.
Home is where my parents are.

Honestly, I have an unhealthy relationship with my parents house. In my mind, it's this all powerful "being" that was there for my entire childhood. It opened it's doors for me when I was brought home from the hospital. Saw me take my first step and go on my first date. It's front porch supported my parents every time I got in my Honda and went back to college. The image of my mother crying and waving goodbye will never leave me.  It's walls have a million stories all about me. It wrapped it's arms around me and was always my safe place.

But was all this still true?

I wasn't sure until I saw the look on Reid's face, which immediately told me no.

And then he spoke and the words that came out of his mouth hit me like a ton of bricks.

So simple. So true.
And so what every single girl wants a boy to tell her.

"I want your home to be where I am.
I thought your home was our home.
I think my home is where you are."

After getting over the fact that I had been a complete ass, I felt this overwhelming sense of love for him and the home we are creating in Richmond. I was determined to change my way of thinking and take his words to heart.

A house is just a building with walls, windows, paint and doors. The memories you make in that house are the strong foundation that make it a home.

As we prepare for Lucie's arrival, I feel the overwhelming sense to make our house a home. A home that she will one day remember with the same kind of love and fondness that I feel towards my parents house. And that starts with a major change in mindset. My parents house will always be a home in my mind. I will always love turning onto their street and walking through the front door. It's just not my home anymore. My home is with Reid and our growing family.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks.

Sorry to be such a nag but damn, it's hot outside.

Like take your breath away hot.

Like lay in bed with no clothes on hot.

ok...we get it, I'm hot.

Moving on.

Can you believe we are already at 26 weeks? I cannot believe that Lucie's due date is exactly 3 months from today. She'll be here before we know it!

How far along: 26 weeks

Size of babe: a butternut squash - over 14" tall and about two pounds. 
So big! 

Gender: sassy little gal

Husband: He's good and such a saint. He braved our first baby class like a champ and even volunteered to bathe our faux baby. 

Fave maternity item: These shorts are my current faves. They are linen and so lightweight and clearly,  I'm living in them. 

Loving: Cold showers, ice cold water, mini Milky Ways, cold fruit, sleep and feeling this little gal move. 

Loathing: Being tired all day long, this heat, pants and everything on TV.

Belly button: Pretty sure I'm about to be an outtie any second. 

Movement: Lucie is making sure I don't forget about her. She is always on the move and that makes this mama so happy! 

Symptoms: Ok, so now I'm feeling really pregnant....hurt feet, wedding bands are getting tight, achy back, stiff hands, insomnia, and the weirdest of all, my eyes are so dry and blurry. Plus, I feel like I am on the verge of tears all the freaking time. 

Best part of the week: Her little room is starting to take shape and I have begun to hang little dresses in her closet. So sweet. 

Researching this week: Crib mattresses....any suggestions mamas? 

Worst part of the week: Do I even need to say it? The heat. 

Can't wait for:  Reid is planning on painting her room and dresser this weekend and I can't wait! 

|| my dress...it's non maternity ||

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Lately.

Hey Friends.

Is anyone else exhausted with the week thus far?

I know it's only Tuesday but it's sorta kicking my butt already.

So, so much has been going on over the last couple weeks and I hate that posts around here have been a little scarce.

I think I owe you a little life lately post...

Lucie's first party!
Lucie had her first party thrown in her honor over the past weekend. My sweet God Family, who might as well be blood relatives, threw Reid, Lucie and I the sweetest little shower. Monograms galore, sweet party favors, delicious food and drink and amazing company from all over Virginia and Colorado.

And can I just say that I die every time I look at this sweet cake and cookies with Lucie's monogram... It just makes me feel like she is so real and already such a big part of our family. 

|| cookies ||

A very special thanks to Palmer for helping me open all the presents....I didn't have a clue what anyone gave me until I got home but the look on his face was priceless.

All of the ladies in my extended family completely outdid themselves with personal touches and such sweet gestures. I love them all beyond words. 

|| my dress ||
An update on her nursery.
Things are also coming along nicely in Lucie's nursery.

Sorry, no pictures yet but we have made some headway in cleaning out the room and finally, finally selecting a paint color. I only have 6 different samples up on the wall currently, but who is really counting besides Reid?

We also took advantage of the 20% off Pottery Barn Kids sale and pulled the trigger on this glider and rug.  I still cannot believe we spent that much money on a chair but we did, so now I am officially excited. This mirror caught my eye at work the other day, and I just had to have it. Her nursery is heading in a different direction than what I had originally planned, but I'm loving it.

Work is work.
Work is so busy right now, I don't know which way is up. My main store is about to embark on a 6 month remodel. This complete gut job has been pending for literately years and now that I'm prepping for maternity leave in 3 short months, my luck would have it that surprise... demo starts July 6th!
womp womp.

Top that off with our semi annual physical inventory this weekend, 4th of July holiday and a week long vacation we have planned in mid July.... to say that I will be one busy girl at the ole enterprise is an understatement.

That's all I got for now.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bumpdate: 25 weeks.

I pulled my ish together just in time for a bumpdate.

Week 25, here we go...

How far along: 25 weeks

Size of babe: a Nappa cabbage

Gender: all girl

Fave maternity item: I'm in love with the dress I'm wearing in the pictures. It doesn't cling which makes it perfect for all this heat we're having. Plus, in my humble opinion, the color is fabulous.

Stretch marks: Ugh, I think I might have a couple tiny ones on my back....I know it sounds crazy but  these little strange lines magically appeared way back there around my panty line.

Loving: Ice cream, Oreos and milk, anything and everything sweet and cold.

Loathing: My hormones - see the symptom section below.

Belly button: It's flat and crazy looking.

Movement: I've got a little gymnast in my tummy and she's doing somersaults all day long.

Symptoms: So hormonal. I'm up, I'm down...I'm crazy! That's def what I am. I totally did the un-thinkable at work...I totally lost it standing in the middle of my office. Just started crying and laughing at the same time, for no reason whatsoever. And it was in front of everyone. The smallest things just set me off these days. Oh and my feet still hurt and I am still feeling full all the time.

Best part of the week: Reid being able to finally feel Lucie kick. It was a really sweet moment and one I'll never forget.

Worst part of the week: Heat index being 106...enough said.

Can't wait for: My family is getting together this Sunday for a little cookout in Lucie's honor! Can't wait to show off this growing bump to loved ones from far away.

|| dress || headband || necklace || bracelet || 
We'll chat more tomorrow.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Out to Lunch...again.

This heat is kicking my butt, so don't mind me while I eat ice cream for dinner and watch terrible tv in bed.

While I'm off being a lazy pants blogger, check out The Lunchbox Diaries. Colleen is hilarious. I literately laugh out loud while reading her posts. She's a new mommy, a Longwood grad like me, has the biggest and best dog named Penny, loves the same tv shows that I do and keeps it real on her blog. She'll have you laughing and longing for a great glass of wine.

You're welcome.

Promise to get my act together tomorrow.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Can't Live Without It.

Oh Friday, you've never looked so good.

This girl is ready for the weekend and boy do we have a busy one planned.

Our niece and nephew are spending the night with us and then we're hitting the road bright and early on Saturday to brave Ikea and 95 north. Sunday, I can only assume will be devoted to actually cleaning out the nursery and maybe, fingers crossed, painting.
Pray for us.

So with everything I've got going on these days, I'm all about anything that makes my life easier.
And these two websites do just that.
I really can't live without them.

Unroll Me
Where has this been all my life? Seriously though, one website can basically scan your inbox and let you unsubscribe from multiple spam with just one click. It will also roll all of the subscriptions you want to keep into one single email each day. It's genius and it's free.

BabyList Registry
So smart. Basically this website links all your baby registries in one place. It also has this awesome feature where you can register for anything on the internet...Etsy shops, dinners, house cleaning services, anything on Amazon and pretty much anything else you think you might need. They provide you with your own personal registry link and free invitation inserts. I'm sold.

And that's all I got for ya...short and sweet.

Have a great weekend loves!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Local Love.

I love shopping.

But shopping local and supporting other women live out their dream is even better.

Here are three of my current faves from the RVA!

This mother and daughter team has the best little online shop. The whole site is precious but their mugs are to die for. Clearly, the mug below is my current life motto, but this little gal might have to find a spot on my desk at work.... and very soon!

|| mug ||

The Tiny Collection

I just love Lindsey and the Tiny Collection. Their tiny tees and onesies are just so soft and American made. Their designs are inspiring and so sweet for any little one. Lucie already has a Lucky Horseshoe onesie in her clothing collection!

|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 ||
*all images above are from The Tiny Collection*

Made in Mechanicsville

I am in love with these studs! And it's just icing on the cake that Lauren over at Made in Mechanicsville is just the sweetest. These earrings are so perfect and the pricing could not be any better!

|| 1 || 2 ||

I hope you love these local finds as much as I do and who knows...I could have a little give away in the works from one of these awesome shops!


*Please know that this is totally not a sponsored post...I just wanted to share some great Richmond finds and support these hard working ladies as they pursue their dreams!* 

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks.

Howdy friends! 
How is it Wednesday already? 
This week is just moving right along...

On to the bumpdate! 

How far along: 24 weeks along and starting to feel every second of it.

Size of babe: an eggplant

Gender: girl!

Husband: He's actually really great and getting so so excited about Lucie. He wants to get a move on in the nursery and the rest of the house projects and for me to stop getting so upset about un-organized closets. Yea right.

Fave maternity item: This dress...I'm in love and will prob wear it even when I am not preggers.

Stretch marks: nope

Loving: Fresh fruit, chick peas, Oreos and milk, having long enough hair to put in a ponytail and warm showers.

Loathing: My bras, those high waisted maternity dresses with the elastic under the boobs, my contacts and duh, the heat.

Belly button: It will be an outie before I know it!

Movement: She is very active when I lay down at night and in the morning.

Symptoms: Ugh, pain....I am having serious growing pains over here. Right under my bra line, like where my bump starts, is so tender and I cannot stand to have anything touching it. And my feet, they feel like they are about to burst open when I stand after long periods of sitting or sleeping. Other than starting to feel full, I am good!

Weight: 10 lbs...the doc said I should expect to gain a pound a week from here on out.

Best part of the week: Seeing my bestie and her new son Gray....I got to visit them in the hospital about 4 hours after he was born and loved every minute of it. Also hearing Lucie's heart beat at my 24 week appointment

Worst part of the week: This damn pain....it's so irritating!

Missing most: Being able to walk up the steps with out being out of breath and still that club sandwich.

Can't wait for: Ikea this weekend, I think we might need a U-haul and spending some quality time with our niece and nephew.

Till tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Out to Lunch.

Don't mind me while I take a couple days off!

I'm alive.

Work has gotten just a little crazy.

My bestie K just had a baby this morning! Mama and 9lb baby boy are doing great!

My mother is coming for a visit.

That mountain of laundry finally got done.

And I know now what it means to "nest"...every closet is currently under construction.
Pray for me.

But I'll be back tomorrow with a bumpdate and then a couple other fun posts to finish up the week.

ta ta for now.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Can't Live Without It.

It's Friday and that means we're chatting about what I just can't live without.

Clearly, it's this necklace.

Who couldn't live without it? 

I was so fortunate to receive this amazing necklace from Laura Cox Designs over memorial weekend while brunching it up with Stephanie, Cait and Ally.  Laura sent each of us the cutest little box filled with a stunning necklace.

 I've honestly been wearing this necklace for two weeks straight. The quality is amazing, her pricing is perfection and the designs are spot on. So many people have stopped me to compliment it or ask where I found it. Clearly I'm a fan and have found that I just can't live without it!

So now it's your turn! 
Laura has so graciously agreed to give all of you 15% off your very own purchase. Just use the code VIRGINIASWEET when you check out and you're all set. She is super easy to work with too. If you see something you love on her insta account, just send her a message and she will try to whip it up for ya! 

I gotta give a shout out to my favorite Friday linkup girls:

StephanieCait and Laura

 Have yourself a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gift Ideas for New Mamas and Babes.

Today I found out that my bestie K is going to give birth to her sweet little boy next week and my heart leaped with excitement! Being pregnant at the same time has been such a wonderful experience. We met 13 years ago, during our freshman year at Longwood, and have seen each other through boyfriends, breakups, moves, weddings, and now babies. We even go to the same ob. I never in a million years thought she and I would be sitting in labs waiting on blood work together....

All this excitement got me thinking about gift ideas for new mamas and babes. I can imagine that most new mamas are genuinely thankful for all the sweet gestures that loved ones make when a new baby arrives. But I can also see how they could be a bit overwhelmed too.

So, I have a few guidelines when selecting gifts for new mamas and babes:

|| 1 ||
Keep it simple and small.
Chances are that a new family already has a million things laying around their house that don't have a home so don't add to the mess! You also don't have to spend a fortune, it's the thought that counts after all.

|| 2 ||
Make it personal.
Buy something they want or that has special meaning. It doesn't even have to be baby specific - make it mama specific!

|| 3 ||
Snail mail is always in style.
Who doesn't love a good package delivered to your front door? That UPS man won't judge you if you answer the door sans a bra....but your mom's friend might.

So without further adieu, here are the sweet little gifts I came up with.

Sweet Gifts for New mamas and babes!

a sweet treat.
Macarons are the perfect little treat for any mama! And you'll get double brownie points for  having them delivered right to her front door. This would also make an excellent welcome home gift and perfect to have on hand for un-expected visitors (or late night feeds for both baby and mama).

signed with love. 
Personalized stationary is honestly my favorite gift to give and May Designs is always my go to vender. So usable. So sweet. And so personal. I highly recommend either the two sided stationary or baby diary notebook. Love love love them! 

 just for mama.
Think about getting something special just for mom. This scarf would be much appreciated and would help cover up any spit up stains that her tired eyes might have missed. Speaking of tired eyes, this bath fizzy would give her an excuse to spend a few quite moments alone. Now, that would be the best gift of all. 

baby love. 
If you want to bring the little one something sweet, I would suggest something small and purposeful. This teething buddy from Nuby is a no brainer and I've heard that the crinkle noise is like crack to babies. I'm also loving this teething bead necklace and bandana drool bib! Both are just way too cute for words. And if you're like me and just really can't help yourself,  just go to Willow Crowns and pick out your fave bow or bowtie - both baby and mama will love you for it!

Well there you have it! I hope you found some great ideas and tips for the new mamas in your life!

I'm linking up with the gorgeous Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday.


a special thanks to Nuby for sending the Teethin Buddie to our blogger brunch! I know baby Lucie will love it! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bumpdate: 23 weeks.

Thank you for all the sweet words yesterday.
I was in a mighty big funk to say the least.
But it's Wednesday and that's one day closer to the weekend!

It also means, it's bumpdate day...I know you all are thrilled.

How far along: 23 weeks

Size of babe: a bunch of grapes

Gender: all girl

Husband:  He is hanging in there even though I lost my cool on him the other morning...again. Ugh, I can't help it! He spent this past weekend working up a storm in the back yard, planting, mulching and cutting. I don't give that man enough credit.

Maternity clothes: I should take this section out... it's getting pretty boring huh? I'm still mixing and matching. I did buy these the other day and truly love them! And they're not maternity!

Stretch marks: nope

Loving: wearing dresses, my morning cup of coffee, being in bed by 8:30 to watch Full House on Nick at Nite, my Rainbow flip flops, showers and feeling little Lucie move around.

Loathing: my clothes (all of them, except the above mentioned shorts), humidity, when people ask me "how are you feeling?"....I'm pregnant, how do you think I am feeling and finalizing our registries.

Belly button: still weird.

Movement: Lord yes...she is a movin and a shakin!

Symptoms: the top of my stomach is really sensitive to the touch (like where my bra hits), my feet tingle and hurt, I am starting to feel full after eating and I'm exhausted at the end of the day. But other than that, I'm great!

Best part of the week: ordering Lucie's crib (thanks Mom!) and hanging out with our niece and nephew at the Greek festival this past weekend.

Worst part of the week: grocery shopping and folding laundry.

Missing most: my summer Lilly dresses and good TV.

Can't wait for: hearing Lucie's heartbeat at our 24 week drs appt and the new Fifty Shades of Grey Book...

| similar dress here, I have this too and love it |

If you are swooning over that necklace pictured above, you'll love my Can't Live Without It post on Friday! 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Real life and it ain't pretty.

I sat down to write an inspired blog post and then this happened.....

{dramatic long period of silence}


I've got nothing for ya....

I can't seem to get myself together this week.

I'm sorta a hot mess.

I have a mountain of laundry to do.
Literally a huge mountain that I climb over in my closet every morning while I try to forge for something clean and not wrinkled to wear.

Nothing in my house has a home.
I need to clean out every single closet in my 1500 square foot home. We have no space or storage and my pregnancy rage is making me want to throw away anything that does not have a specific place to live.  Then my hormones kick in and I cannot seem to shake a sentimental attachment that miraculously appeared.

We have one billion unfinished house projects.
I got so fed up with these said projects, I called a contractor and hired him to paint, fix, patch and replace anything and everything that needed it. So I am 6 months pregnant and we are about to get all new windows, new back door, ceilings painted and about 20 other things I can't remember right now.

I have no short term memory.
None...If I don't write it down, it is not getting done.

I cannot get comfortable.
And I'm only 23 weeks pregnant...I feel full all day long, my back hurts, my feet hurt and I can't help but thinking it's going to be such a long summer.

And because this post is already so awesome, I'll leave you with my current motto:

Yup, that's real life...

Isn't it glamours?


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