Friday, August 29, 2014


Thank god it is Friday!

Who is with me?

Sorry ...I know I have been mia this week, but things at work and after work have been cra.
Mostly crazy good, but still crazy.

Instead of listing all my highlights, let me just leave you with this one piece of advice that became very evident this week:

The older I get, the more and more this holds true.

Take some time this weekend to do something for you!
 Go get your nails did, or those eye brows waxed. Read that book that has been lying on your nightstand for ages. Send those thank you notes that have been hanging out in your purse for a week. Make time for you and get your ish, whatever that may be, together... I promise, Monday (or Tuesday) will feel so much better!

BUT also take some time to have some fun this holiday weekend! I am so looking forward to a low key Labor Day. With a ton of family and friends time on the docket and sleeping in, who could ask for a better time?

I wish you and your families a very safe and fun filled Labor day! AND To all you southern ladies out there, make sure to make good use of your whites this weekend!

Now, I am off to take over the world, one light at a time.

Much love y'all!



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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kick Off Week: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hey y'all! Ashley here today, and I am SO excited for this week/weekend! As most of you know, this Thursday evening starts a new season...and I'm not just talking about fall. I'm talking about college FOOTBALL! As you know from this post, my blood runs orange, and I'm talking about  C-L-E-M-S-O-N orange. I do enjoy watching all college teams, but I, of course, have to pull for my Alma Mater. Today, I will be joining the College Football link-up with Caitlyn of Home Sweet Ruby. I have been tailgating since I was a freshman at Clemson, and that was sadly 8 years ago! I feel like our group has now perfected tailgating, and I am so grateful for them! This year will be so different, and it really breaks my heart. You all know Steph from Newlyweds North, Chesson from A Southern Twenty-Five and yours truly, Caroline from Virginia Sweet. I am proud to say that these lovely ladies are not only blogger friends, but real..true life friends, who I have known for years. Long story short, but we will sadly not be purchasing Clemson season tickets this year, as we have for the past 6 years. Due to life changes for all, it is the best choice for the group at this point. We are hoping to purchase season tickets in the future years, however. Andrew and I will still be attending most of the home games and will be traveling to Boston with Steph and Justin, and of course, baby Gray! So, although we will be attending friend's tailgates this season and not hosting our own, it will be very different but I am excited for something different! Here are just a few pictures from this past season that will show you some of our tailgate decor and fashion. Hope you enjoy! 

Anyone recognize the local celeb in the picture below? One hint. She was on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad...

Of course, Henry had to join in on the fun!! 

Steph and I awarding our husbands with the Cornhole Winner's Trophy! Clearly, they were excited.

And just for a few laughs....
Throw back to circa 2010

Throw back to 2007
Steph, check out your hubby's! Steph's husband on left, my husband in the middle and Caroline's husband to Andrew's right

Chess and Me in 2007

Here's to a wonderful and hopeful football season for all, but especially my Tigers! Be sure to join the link-up and see what everyone else is looking forward to this year! 


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Girls Weekending

Oh my....what a weekend.

If you follow me on insta, you already know that it was pretty wild. I have not had a weekend like this past one in quite some time. It felt so good to let loose and enjoy some girl time.

Now that I am 30, I thought I would share my wise words of wisdom with you. There are the things I learned from this past weekend:

Day drinking on the beach is amazing.

Dancing on tables is still fun.

Eating Papa John's pizza at midnight is a life saver.

A limo is the only way to travel to a concert.

A Yeti is a must for any good girls-weekend and the perfect limo accessory.

When 3 bottles of liquor and your Cards Against Humanity game go missing, odds are you had one hell of a weekend.

Fishermen are so fun and love Fireball.

Rompers are an epic fail when you have to go to the bathroom in tight spaces.
ps. This pic is for you Pamela ... the romper was hit! Especially since I flashed a bunch of fishermen before I enlisted the help of a safety pin! 
Wagon Wheel is still the

Miranda Lambert rocked it.

Shots of straight gin are never the answer.

It is OK to shotgun a beer in the parking lot of your company's headquarters, as long as it is in the back.

Water, Gator-aid, and Advil are your best friends when you are 30.

Drinking 6 bottles of champagne may or may not be the best thing ever - jury is still out.

Over-packing is a must when 4 girls are involved.

Brunch consisting of a Bloody Mary, coffee and a cheese burger is a must on Sunday mornings.

These girls made my weekend simply amazing and I could not thank them more!

Cheers to the week ahead!

Ashley will be here tomorrow to chat about the most important thing happening this weekend.....College Football, duh!

A special thanks to Biana, and Meghan for hosting their wonderful linkup! 




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Friday, August 22, 2014

friday favs!

Heck Yes!

It is Friday!

Let's all do a little dance....

Man, this week has just been dragging on and on. I had to really push myself to stay motivated at work this week because my head is still in vaca mode, I think.

On a positive note, my tan still looks fierce and thank god, because I have big plans this weekend.
Make sure to insta along with me ... things might get a little craZzzzzzy!

Here are just a couple of the things that made my week shine,

{miranda lambert}

yup....I will be seeing her in concert this evening. Limo ride, champagne, yeti cooler full of beer and jello shots, cowboy boots and 3 other stellar women will make this evening a rip roaring good time!

{girls weekend}

This girls weekend sorta just fell into my lap.... 4 of us are going to spend the weekend in VA beach, see the above concert, layout on the beach, read, gossip, sleep, nurse hangovers, brunch, dance, get all dressed up, maybe throw up and have one heck of a good time!

{crossfire series}


It is smut, but the writing is pretty decent and with a name like Gideon Cross, who doesn't like that? I think I liked it better than Fifty Shades, but with two more books left to be released in this series, the jury is still out. Read it and thank me later.

{lack of tv}

honestly....there is absolutely nothing on tv this time of year. AND I am happy to report that Reid and I have not once this week turned the tube on. We really got into reading while on our amazing vacation and have been sitting in silence each night with our noses in a book. I have no idea what is going on in the real world other than what pops up on my phone from my CNN app or briefly skimming The Skimm each morning. My mother tells me there is all sorts of trouble going on around the world and it sounds so super depressing. Next week I will try to be a better human and care about world events......

{return of the pumpkin spice latte}

it's happening.... Starbucks' pumpkin latte will be here on August 25th and thank god! This is such exciting news and made my week for sure!

{college football season 2014}

College football season starts basically next weekend - Praise Jesus! If you are looking for some fun tailgate inspiration - check out here, here, here, here and here!
(ps. the pimento cheese recipe is killer!)

I think that is all I can muster up today!

Got to shout out to the ladies who rock the Friday link ups:

Friday Favorites: Amanda

Oh hey FRIDAY: Amy & Karli

Have a safe and happy weekend loves!



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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Provo Recap!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Well, what can I say? I am almost at a loss for words about our trip. When someone asks me how it was all I can do is smile. A big goofy smile. I am instantly transported back to those white pristine sands of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. The most delicious turquoise waters you have ever seen in your life.  The scrumptious sunsets and climate. The amazing food and fantastic people. Our resort was to die for and the staff were over the moon excited to help.

 I wish I was back there right second.

Let's start off with our resort.... Seven Stars.
 It was amazing. The location was practically in the middle of the island and walking distance to the cutest shops, restaurants and gourmet grocery. We felt so safe walking at night and during the day (other than the crazy right hand drivers). Our travel agent was spot on with his recommendation of Seven Stars. We had a jr ocean front suite, which included a small kitchen and laundry. It was absolutely perfect for our non-all-inclusive trip. I highly recommend this property and would most definitely choose this resort again and again.

The food....oh it was so delicious. Everything was so fresh, clean, vibrant and amazing. We ate at three fancy restaurants, Hemingways, Magnolias and Seven. Magnolias had the most amazing view of Turtle cove and the sunset was simply stunning.

The sand and the sea were breathtaking. What else can I say other than it was the highlight of my trip. I literally spent an entire day out on that white sand....from 8am to 8pm. It was the best day ever.  I have never in my life seen water that color. The pics below do not do it justice.

We made some great friends throughout the week, mostly newlyweds, which was so fun! Reid and I sorta felt like chaperons at one point. We ventured out one day on an amazing catamaran and had the best time with the other two couples. Reid instantly felt a kinship with the two men... I think it was the rum punch talking. Every Thursday night Provo has a local fish fry on the beach (I would compare it to a food truck court around here) where local restaurants and entertainment set up for a night of fun under the stars. The whole island attends - locals and visitors all hanging out like one big happy family. It was a delight to be with such amazing people and culture.

I cannot say enough great things about our trip. I am having a hard time finding words to describe my love for this tiny island. I left feeling happy, at peace, in love, and slightly sad to not wake up to this gorgeous view. I almost cried. I made Reid promise me we would return, soon.

Enjoy the pics, if you get through them all you deserve a cookie. Let me know if you want any more specifics on outfits, outings, food etc!

{the resort}

Our resort's beach....what a view!

These pics are for my work peeps....Can you believe they had Grohe products as their outside shower and foot rinse? High rollers!

{the food}

Seven, Hemingways, Magnolias and local fish fry.

View of the Sunset from high atop Magnolias Resturant and Wine Bar!
 Lemon 2 Go - amazing coffee and such a cute shop!
The  Deck at Seven Stars
local fish fry

I find a pup anyplace I go!

{the sun and sand} 

You can never have enough sunscreen between Reid and I!
More resort pics!

This was just to the left of the beach at our resort.....isn't it amazing?

How lucky am I .... he is too handsome!


Our catamaran cruise included a trip to a private island, amazing snorkel time, rum punch, and fresh conch cooked to perfection.

Can you believe that we were the only people on this island? It was amazing!

 The captain of the boat pulled this out of the water, grilled it and then we ate it. Conch is not that bad actually! 
These BIG dudes were all over the private island.

This private island was so small that we could walk the entire thing, and we did! One side was the Atlantic ocean and the other was the Caribbean. Our resort was on the Atlantic side, just in case you were wondering.

We spotted this thing swimging in the clear, blue was a giant sting ray......yikes!
 After our outing on the island and catamaran, we were dropped off at a local bar, Sharkys. The boys had a bit too much fun....clearly.

So this was a midsized car on the island.... Reid barely fit!

I think you can tell we just had the most amazing time and I am plotting in my head how to get back there soon. Hmmmm!!! Oh Reid!

I will let this post sink in for a couple days - catch ya Friday loves! 



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