Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tailgating Tips from the Mrs

Happy Monday Loves! 

Do you know what this week marks? I am sure most of you do, but if not, it is the first week of college football! Now, if you would have asked me 5 years ago I would have said ummmm... the last week of summer?? I can thank my crazy tiger lovin hubby for all of my cra cra Clemson football passion. Hah! I did not even go to Clemson but love* it just the same! 

As you know, this week I will be blogging all about southern tailgating...Clemson style!!!...but I will not be offended if you change the color scheme to match your home team! So now I ask y'all, are you ready for some football?

me waiting for the parade of tigers, a made up name but def one of my fav traditions!
I have compiled 3 key tips to help you kickoff an awesome tailgate:

 tip 1: tailgate with your best buds
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Clemson Family and have the best time when we are all together! Most of these boys have known each other since high school and this group of 7 have grown up along side each other into wonderful men! These 7 are all either married or engaged to great gals (thus my entry into the club) and if it weren't for these ladies I would never love Clemson as much as I do. Isn't there a southern saying that goes something like "behind every good man is a strong woman".... well we have to be to put up with these clowns when they all get together! 
all of the wives!
tip 2: whip your tailgate bucket into shape
Our tailgate bucket has grown over the last 4 years to include a L.L.Bean bag, big plastic tote and the original orange bucket. It seems the amount of items that we need grows just a little each year! 
Here are some of the esstential items that we keep in our collection:
tiger tail for the back of the car - clearly a must have
hand sanitizer as one can never have enough
paper towels, trash bags and toilet paper (for those nasty porta-potties) 
koozies and tervis tumblers to keep your drinks cold on those hot game days
orange duct tape, lets be honest, you never know when you will need it
serving trays for your awesome tailgating food 
miscellaneous items such as grilling essentials, lighter, tape, napkins, paper plates and scissors

tip 3: tailgate prep
How can you have a successful tailgate without a dedicated day of prep? We spent most of yesterday running errands and pulling out all of our tailgating gear. Man, I am so glad we did because I think I left a roadie mimosa in my Tervis Tumbler from the final game last year - oops! Nevertheless, take this opportunity to restock your tailgate bucket (if you already have one, if not invest in one), wash up your monogramed cups and dishes, make sure your gear is in working order and set it aside so it is ready to rock and roll when you need to pack the car.

Some of our Clemson family sent pictures as they were preforming their tailgate prep! 
Laura going through her tailgating bucket

Andrew dusting off those corn hole boards 

Check in tomorrow for more tailgating ideas from the Mrs! 


*disclaimer - Don't worry Mom, Dad and Bro, I still have a big place in my heart for UVA!

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