Wednesday, August 28, 2013

tailgate with a touch of southern class!

Happy Wednesday Loves!

Today Virginia Sweet is linking up with Newlyweds:North for a Kick Off Week Celebration! Stephanie over at N:N is actually a member of our Clemson Family and we will be seeing each other in 3 short days along with the rest of our crazy bunch! She and her husband are on a big adventure up North but still share the same passion for all things Southern.

Ashley, another member of the Clemson Family, and I have been hard at work this summer planning, plotting and pinning ideas to make this year's first game the best tailgate yet. Just the other day we were tossing around ideas of how to add a touch of southern class to our tailgate. With her blessing, I thought I would share some of our favs here with you! 

not everything has to be Clemson...
Oh lord, all you Clemson fans don't kill me but not everything has to have a tiger paw on it - right? 
A little tiger paw goes a long way! You can pull in your school's colors in other ways. Like really fun fabric for your tailgating table or a monogrammed tablecloth! Simple touches and moderation will keep your table and tailgate looking classy and refined!

make your self at home
Since you really do spend more time at the tailgate than actually at the game it is important to add some touches of home. Any good southern host wants their guest to be comfy, don't they?
Throw some color coordinated pillows into your tailgating chairs - not only does it add a great pop of color but also makes a great little spot for an afternoon nap if you have had too much gin! Who me??? NEVER! But really - don't you think that looks inviting??
Add some fun frames to the table in your school's colors! These cuties are in my living room and I did not feel like changing out the pictures but wouldn't it be cute to put pics from previous tailgates in them??

be a little formal, it's ok, we're all adults here!
 Dust off some of those wedding presents that never get used and bring them along!
Adding little touches of silver will bring an instant feel of southern hospitality and class! I love the idea of using the bar tool set for drinks and the silver drink tub to house our never ending supply of champagne! After all, you are having about 20 of your closest friends over for bunch SO why not break out the good stuff?

I really do owe Ashley a big shout out as she has been my partner in crime all summer and I cannot wait for all of our hard work to pay off on Saturday! Thanks also to Andrew (her hubby) and Reid (mine) for putting up with the two of us this summer going crazy about tailgating!! 
this is from the a LONG time ago but a fav of mine!
Reid, Caroline, Ashley and Andrew
Go Tigers!!! 
Later Loves, 

ps... If you popped over from Newlyweds: North be sure to check out my other Tailgating posts! It's really great to have y'all here!


  1. Cute idea with the pillows!! I have a Gator version of that platter and love it! I think they are made for a lot of universities, or at least the southern ones. Great post! Beat UGA! :)

  2. Even though that orange is blinding I still love all of your ideas! I'll just have to do them in garnet and black instead!

  3. Ya'll look like babies in that pic! :-) Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend - sorry we can't fly in our silver bar ware from Maine but I promise to bring tons and tons of Chick Fil A platters xxoxoxoox

  4. hahah! We cannot wait to see you!!! We should do another linky thing (I am SO new to this bloggy thing can't you tell?) to recap our weekend! xoxoxoxoxoxo!

  5. Came over from the link up - love your blog! I went to college in the arctic North (Michigan)and love seeing how different football culture is in the South. I need to get to a game someday and experience it!

    1. THanks so much Jordan! Well we will be ready with a cocktail in hand if you ever decide to venture South!! Good luck this weekend to whatever team you call home!


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