Wednesday, August 21, 2013

home sweet home, take one

Happy Wednesday Y'all! 

As promised from Monday's post,  I am working on the before and after shots of my home and thought I would start with the kitchen and breakfast nook. Mainly I wanted to start with these rooms because my house just got cleaned yesterday and they get the messiest the fastest! 

So, are you ready to begin the tour? 
(Please know that all before pictures were taken while the previous owners still lived in the house!) 

the breakfast nook

this was our breakfast nook before... the whole kitchen was this yellow color! 
We spent a lot of time deciding what color to paint this room. First, we had to cover up this crazy mustard yellow color, second, we had a lot of wood going on in this room so the paint color had to be light and neutral and third it opens right into our kitchen so whatever color we choose was going in there as well!

all of our paint samples
After many, many, many samples we landed on the perfect color - Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. It is a lovely shade of blue/grey and really complements the wood floors and dark wood antiques. We, and I mean Reid when I say we, repainted our entire downstairs ourselves. This room of our house is vaulted so it was no easy task but what can I say - I have a handy husband
our new breakfast nook
All the furniture in this room are antiques, dark oak/wood antiques which makes it sorta monotone but I love them. Isn't that pie safe amazing, it orginally belonged to my parents who brought it back from their adventures in England. They re-did their kitchen a couple years ago and no longer had room for it - SO lucky me because lord knows I need the storage!! The table came out of my great Aunt Jane's house where it was loved and used for a long time. The desk below that we use as a mail center was a random antique that used to be in my room as a little girl. And yes, I did paint that picture at one of those "let's get together, drink wine and paint by numbers type of thing."

I spy my little nephew!!
This room opens right into our kitchen and is divided by a peninsula that houses our sink and makes a perfect place for our monogramed theme bar! 

can anyone say "wedding presents?"
the kitchen

here she is before...
and here she is after!
We really have some storage issues in our kitchen because it is really small! Reid gets after me all the time that we have too much stuff, well, what's a girl to do? I will get it organized at some point but for now I am more excited about ordering our new kitchen lighting and installing our new fun touch faucet for the sink!  Yay for working in the plumbing and lighting business!! 

We still have some things to do in both of these rooms to make them complete and I, master of list making, jotted down a few of them below so you can help keep track:

1. find a rugs for the bnook and kitchen that corresponds but does not match (this will have to wait till Tug is done being a puppy)
2. add fun curtains for the window in bnook
3. new light for kitchen and bnook
4. plantation blindes for both spaces
5. finish painting all the trim work
6. hang some dang pictures on the wall! (an overall must for all the rooms, I just have such a hard time committing!)
7. reorganize everything (this is Reid's job clearly)
8. install new faucet (this is a plumber's job clearly)

Check back tomorrow for a peek of our living room! 



  1. I love the color you picked for your kitchen! And those windows, too! :) I always thought that a soft yellow would be a great color for a kitchen, but then I tried it and realized how easy it is to go wrong with yellow!


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