Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let's Celebrate the Besties!

It's my birthday week SO lets celebrate! 

I would like to raise a glass and celebrate my besties!

Cheers to good friends, yummy food, and the reality of turning 29....

Meet Kristen, Lorin and Danielle. These lovelies have been by my side since college and I could not ask for better role models. We have been together over 10 years now and have held each other's hands through college, heartbreaks, moves, marriages, and now babies! (no babies for me yet - don't get your hopes up!) I am proud and honored to call you my friends for so long! 

Danielle, Lorin, me and Kristen 
Since 3 out of the 4 of us have birthdays in August, we always try to do something special to celebrate. This year 4 girls, 4 husbands and two babies stuffed into 4 cars with way too much stuff for a one night sleep over at Lake Caroline. Danielle is turning the big 3-0 this year so we let her steal the spot light. 

I had so much fun documenting our trip this past weekend that I had to share the photos on Virginia Sweet. Take a peek into our birthday celebration at Lake Caroline! 

Lake Caroline - Lovely name for a lovely lake
Lorin and Ryan hanging out
Miss Lily and I waiting to go in the house! 
Someone had to turn the water on...guess I was the most qualified for the job
Reid was in love with Lily! 
my how things have changed ... used to be all beer and board games, now we added in baby supplies!
Lily's mom Kristen taking a little break
Birthday girl Danielle getting a little sugar from Lily
awesome food - don't worry I will post the mac and cheese recipe later this week! 
Happy 30th Birthday Danielle! Don't judge - all we could find in the house were these candles!  
oh hello old friend..... CLUB CRANIUM!!!! 
Needless to say...we were all exhausted after a fun weekend with our friends! 
So lets raise our glasses to these extraordinary women, the brave men that stand beside us, the new generation of besties, and many many more years of laughter and memories! 

I love y'all!

xoxo Care

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