Thursday, August 15, 2013

Southern Send-off: Southern Girls and their Pearls

some of my favorite pieces! 
What is it about pearls that just screams "hey look at me y'all, I'm a southern girl!"? 

Is it the fact that pearls add just the right touch of southern sass and class to any outfit? Or is it that most pearls have a wonderfully southern story behind them? Or every time a I wear my pearls, they serve as a gentle reminder of a special event in my life? 

My most favorite pieces have got to be my pearl studs, bracelet and garnet and pearl necklace.

A pair of pearl stud earrings a can take a girl a long way with any outfit or event. Throw on your studs with any sundress or dress them up with that LBD (little black dress) and a fun, festive, big, chunky necklace. I pretty much wear them everyday, one because I am lazy and they hang out on my night stand and two, they just go with everything!

These little beauties were given to me by my parents for my 25th birthday. They wanted to give me something special, something that I could pass down to my daughter or (god help me if I have all boys) daughter-in-law one day. I love them, they are so classic and such a staple in my life!  

ahh, I see you have met my pearl bracelet! This old gal is a true piece of family history and held my hand during my wedding.  

The pearls and clasp came from an old pearl chocker that belonged to my great aunt Lucille, more affectionately known as Aunt Tooter.When I inherited this piece she was missing her third when I got married my mother had her restrung and made into a bracelet. Isn't she something? Her clasp is missing a stone or two but I love her just the same!  

The last lovely I will mention are the pearls my parents gave me for my high school graduation. A single strand of pearls is another true classic and a must have in any collection. This strand is just a little bit more special since it has a single garnet in the center - the garnet was my favorite stone in high school and just so happened to be the school colors, red and white. 

Are you seeing a trend here, clearly my parents really like to give me jewelry and who am I to stop them? I know that really my mother is a sap about family heirlooms and special occasions so pearls are the natural gift for any true southern girl. 

These pieces of jewelry have such wonderful stories behind them and many more memories to make. They are like any true southern girl, rooted in the past but ready for whatever the future may hold!  

So next time you are rooting around your jewelry box for inspiration, check out your pearls - they will never steer you wrong and are always a true southern classic! 

Have a great weekend y'all!!! 


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