Thursday, May 28, 2015

Can't Live Without It.

Friday, what took you soooo long to get here?
Even though I only worked 4 days this week, I'm beat.
So this post is going to be short and sweet.

I'm obsessed with this mascara.
And I never get obsessed with any type of makeup.
So for me to love it this much is really something.

To be honest with you, I've liked every single Benefit product I've tried and love love love their Brow Bar at my local Ulta. So I can't be but all surprised that I love Roller Lash mascara.

On my last lunch break at Ulta, I snagged this little gem and have been loving it ever since. Roller Lash works wonders on my lashes. I have longer lashes and this stuff gives the appearance of naturally curled lashes without the use of a lash curler. It also does a great job of spreading out my lashes and is not gloopy at all. I can wear it all day and removes so easily. If I forget to wash my face before bed, because let's be honest, it happens a lot....I don't have to worry about waking up and looking like a raccoon.

I'm clearly a fan and hope you will be too!

Of course I'm linking up with my most fave Friday mamas,
Stephanie, Cait and Laura,
for Can't Live Without It Linkup!

Have a great weekend loves!
We're finishing up some much needed yard work, Greek festing it up and cleaning out little Lucie's closet!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pregnancy Rage is Real...

A couple months ago, I completely lost my shit on Reid.

While getting ready for work, I asked him to check on the weather. He was laying in bed, playing on his phone... he responded that he was in the middle of playing his game and would check when he was done.

That was all he said....

and then I completely lost it.

Banging my fists, slamming doors, hysterically crying...
 the whole.damn.thing.

 I was livid... why could he not stop playing Diamond Digger for one second and tell me what the temperature was supposed to be? Didn't he know that my clothing choices are limited and clearly, I was already upset about hating my work wardrobe. And couldn't he see that he was the one preventing me from getting ready? By withholding this important weather information, he was ruining my day.
And why is he being so insensitive?
Doesn't he know I'm pregnant?

The look on Reid's face will forever haunt me.
It was one of complete shock and terror.
He grabbed the dogs, muttered something under his breath about hormones and then went down stairs.

I had no clue what the hell had come over me.
I had just flipped some crazy switch and went from 0 to 10 in less than a second.

So I did what any crazy woman would do...
I locked myself in the bathroom.
Cried hard. Like that ugly dry heave cry.
And tried to figure out what the hell just happened...

I calmed down and figured out that it was so not his fault.
 I realized I was the one being insensitive.
I was being crazy.
This was pregnancy rage in all it's glory.
Lucky Reid.

When I was able to look both myself and Reid in the eye, I ventured downstairs and made my apologies, mostly blaming it on the baby and the fact that I felt like death.
(this episode went down towards the end of my first trimester)

I told him he would have to just bare with me while I explore all that pregnancy has to offer. Hormones, sore boobs, constant feeling that I am about to throw up and the ability to go from sweet, nice Caroline to total raging bitch Caroline in the blink of an eye.

Pregnancy rage is truly a crazy thing.
 I am normally a peppy, happy person and try to give a smile to everyone I see. Now, the smallest things just set me off and my patience is totally gone. My private office at work has become my sanctuary and my snack drawer my saving grace. More and more people walk by my office and say "Wow, that is some grumpy face you are making." I am really not trying to, it is just becoming natural these days. I believe some people call it resting bitch face.

Thankfully my second trimester has brought a lot of the old me back but I still have to check myself. I've perfected the ultimate side eye and look of utter disgust. And both appear in public on a pretty routine basis. So for now, I just tell myself to just take deep breaths, it's only the hormones...

So mamas out there....
 will the old me return?
or will I be this crazy version of myself for ever more?

Oh, hormones, I was not prepared for you.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks.

We're back from our vacation and I've made it through one day of work...If I can get through a load of laundry tonight, I will deem this day a sucess. If I can't, then I'll find the ice cream and say I still won!

How far along:  22 weeks

Size of babe: an ear of corn.

Gender: all pink!

Husband: He is being all sweet and stuff about little Lucie. And I am probably terrorizing him with my crazy mood swings but he is taking it like a champ. Pregnancy rage is totally real...
He seems to be looking forward to working on her nursery and is very concerned with what I am eating. He gives me side eye when I try to finish a bag of Chex Snack Mix solo.

Maternity Clothes:  Same ole, same ole. I'm still mixing and matching.

Stretch Marks: Nada

Loving: french fries, reading a book in bed, air conditioning, pizza, this slight slight teeny tiny tan I got on vaca, and my pups. Boy did I miss those two loony toons while we were away.

Loathing: this 15 year old acne throwback that has appeared on my face, having to go to the bathroom every 5 mins, strapless bras and everything about my house currently.

Belly Button: still weird looking.....

Movement: I think I've had a ton this week, especially at night. Reid has not been able to really feel anything because of the placement of my that's a bummer.

Symptoms: the headaches are still rocking, at least they are not as intense as they used to be. Starting to feel full after eating and having some pressure in my rib cage. My face looks awful and my back hurts at night. But other than those minor things, I really feel great...knock on wood!

Best Part of the Week: sitting on the beach and spending some qt with this girl and her sweet fam! Plus eating my weight in shrimp all weekend!

Worst Part of the Week: Coming back from vacation to a mountain of laundry and braving my work email...

Missing Most: Still beer and a club sandwich

Can't wait for: Reid to be able to feel our little peanut and having a weekend at home, with no plans!

Tomorrow, let's talk about this whole pregnancy rage thing...


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Can't Live Without It.

Happy Friday to you!

We're down south on a mini babymoon for Memorial day weekend and lovin evey second of this beautiful weather.

| dress | necklace

Reid and I are so mad at ourselves. We packed every single thing we own just about, except for this kitchen gadget. There's nothing better than sitting on the beach, stuffing your face with fresh fruit and cocktails. No cocktails for me this year...but Lucie's worth it!

We picked up this little guy a couple weekends ago, competently on a whim, and pretty much have been obsessed ever sense. Even though I think preggos aren't supposed to eat large amounts of pineapple, I have been craving it so hard. Moderation is key....blah blah blah.

Anywho, it makes prep work a cinch, keeps all those yummy juices in one place, gives you the cutest pineapple shell and is super easy to clean. "Dishwasher safe" is music to my ears!

Grab one and you'll wonder why you never knew this existed before. Oh, and try out this smoothie recipe below. I'm sorry in advance...once you make this, you will be hooked!

1 cup of fresh pineapple
1 scoop of Greek yogurt
2/3 cup of coconut, almond, or reg milk (or ice cream, calcium is calcium)
1/2 cup of pineapple juice (I just dump whatever is hanging around in the bottom of the shell)
and a handful of ice.
If your feeling crazy, add some dark rum....

Throw all of this into your blender, mix and enjoy!

Linkin up with my Friday faves:
Stephanie, Cait and Laura for Can't Live Without It Link Up.

Happy Memorial weekend y'all!
Be safe, have fun and drink a cocktail, or two, for me!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nursery Inspiration Board

While Reid and I make our way down south, wanna see what I got planned for Lucie's nursery? 
Sweet Little Girl Nursery Inspiration Board

 This fabric was the inspiration behind Lucie's nursery. I've had it pinned in my secret Baby D Pinterest board for years and knew if I ever had a girl, it would be used in her nursery. So sweet, so feminine and not overly babish. I envision curtains to the floor, accompanied by two tie backs such as these

As for the paint, I really wanted an "adult" color. One that did not scream nursery or baby girl. Out came my trusty Sherwin-Williams color wheel and I landed on Hazel. I think it will complement the white crib and fabric perfectly. 

As for the bedding, I am not doing the whole matchy matchy thing. I'm gonna grab this quilt (ps it's 20% off right now), slap a monogram on it and call it a day. I'll also register for some fun crib sheets to mix and match. 

I've got a side table and an antique dresser that are waiting in the shed to be painted with this chalk paint. They will make the perfect additions to L's little space. 

Reid's honey do list keeps getting longer and longer. Especially if we decide to attempt this Ikea hack for the glider. Pair that crisp, white chair with this poof, and you have the perfect little sitting area. 

I have no idea what I'm doing in the rug department. We have hardwoods throughout our house, so one will def be needed. I'm not sold on this one quite yet. 

And let's not forget the art and room accessories. I think those deserve their own special post later on. 

Are you digging the design thus far? 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bumpdate: 21 weeks.

Anyone up for a little bumpdate?

How far along: 21 weeks

Size of babe: baby bok choy.

Gender: our sweet baby girl Lucie.

Husband: He's hanging in there and is such a gem for putting up with all of my craziness.

Maternity clothes: Same - still rocking full on maternity pants and shorts. I am able to still get away with some of my pre-pregnancy dresses. I did find a couple cute maternity bathing suits at Target (here and here) for later in the summer. I am going to try and get away with a couple full coverage bikinis this weekend while in Charleston. Yikes...cute coverups are def packed as well.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet but still lathering up with Palmer's Coco Butter. My dr said it doesn't do anything to help...she claims it all genetics. I choose not to believe her.

Loving: Pineapple, strawberries, water with lemon and popcorn.

Loathing: this humidity, the leather seats in my car and thigh sweat...who ever knew there was such a thing? It's gonna be a looonng summer in the RVA.

Belly button: still in but looking crazy.

Movement: Yup! I feel little pokes and I love them!

Symptoms: Crazy pregnancy brain. It's a real thing. This past weekend I tried to rub toothpaste on my belly instead of coco butter, tried to put the cereal box back in the fridge instead of the milk and literately stopped mid sentence during a conversation at work, could not remember what I was even talking about. Back pain around the bra area and it's def getting harder to get back up after I pick something up off the floor. Oh, and I have to go pee every time I stand up. Yay for me!

Best part of the week: Announcing Lucie's name to the world, a three day work week and finding out that Oreo's are launching these on Friday.

Worst part of the week: Again, the humidity.

Missing most: the ability to drink an entire pitcher of mimosas while sitting on the beach this summer.

Can't wait for: sharing Lucie's nursery details!

| dress | 
Reid and I are headed to Charleston tomorrow for a long weekend away. Make sure to follow along on insta for some fun surprises and familiar faces!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Our First Parenting Decision.

For our first parenting decision, I think we nailed it.

Reid and I actually talked about it, made a plan and felt really great about the outcome.

Can you guess what it was about?

It was about her name.


We knew if this bump had a girl growing inside of it, her name would be Lucie. It was the only name we never second guessed or questioned. The decision came so easily for us, I firmly believe it was because she was meant to be a she from day one. I cannot tell you how sweet it is when Reid refers to her by name in normal, everyday conversation, just like she's already here.

Even with all this excitement and joy, we cannot help but be cautious about sharing her full name publicly. Along with the amazing honor of naming our child, we, as her parents, are also responsible for her happiness, health and safety.

Her safety in the crazy world is something that Reid and I already take very seriously. So seriously, that we wrote a letter to our families and close friends asking them to keep her full name off all social media outlets. We certainly don't want to take the fun away from any dotting grandparents or excited friends, but it is our privilege and job to make sure our child is safe. Believe me, I never thought a time would come where I would have to write such a letter, but I also have never felt this much love and protection for someone.

It is not Lucie's choice for her mama to have a blog and she has no say right now in what I decide to share on it. She can't help it that I have a public insta account or am google-able or am pretty much an open book in real life. So it's my responsibility to protect her from that.

So, how does Lucie and her name fit in on Virginia Sweet?
Honestly, I don't know yet. And we're totally cool with that. Reid and I are super new at this human parenting stuff and we'll be working through it for the rest of our lives I assume. I know that these parenting decisions won't always come as naturally as this one did but we are pretty proud of ourselves. One decision down, a hundred billion to go!

So for now, we are celebrating our little Lucie in every possible way!
My fave way is with bows, bows and more bows!

| to die for newborn bow


Friday, May 15, 2015

Can't Live Without It.

We made it to Friday friends!
Things around here have been a little crazy and there aren't any signs of it slowing down. We've got so many fun things in store over the next couple reunion, cookouts, friends having babies and an upcoming vaca.
So for my sanity and yours, I keeping this post super short.

It's Friday so you know the drill..I'm linking up witStephanieCait and Laura for the Can't Live Without It link up! 

This water bottle rocks my life.
I really can't live without it.
It goes everywhere with me, fits in my car's cup holders and does not sweat in Virginia's crazy humidly. With all the water I am required to drink for this growing bump, the 24 oz size only requires 4 trips to the water cooler throughout the day. Which I can see being a huge added bonus the bigger I get. It's pretty darn cute and I have yet to have a leak...knock on wood.
What else could a girl ask for?

So grab yourself one of those 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons, I know you have a million in the glove compartment of your car, and pick one of these up for yourself. Fill it with ice, champagne and a splash of OJ for color and throw this sucker in your beach or pool bag!

Have a great weekend loves!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bumpdate: 20 weeks.

Tired of seeing me in this dress yet?

We took a ton of pictures this past weekend for the gender reveal and I sneaked in a couple quick bumpdate shots too.

How far along:  20 this 2nd trimester is flying right on by!

Size of babe: Belgian Endive

Gender: It's a GIRL!!

Husband:  I caught Reid snuggling and consoling our one year old niece the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Her big brother would not share his blocks with her and she was just so upset. Reid kept patting her little back and telling her how much he loved her and he would play with her. It might have brought a tear to my eye...ok, it def did, but don't tell him I told y'all. He is going to make one hell of a father to our own little girl.

Maternity clothes: Oh heck yea. Still able to fit in a couple pre-preggers dresses, but not for long I suspect.

Stretch marks: Not yet...still slapping on Palmer's Coco Butter like it's my job.

Loving: That song that is all over the radio, "Shut up and Dance"...the damn thing is just so catchy. Strawberries, lemonade, the rose bushes in our back yard and some awesome qt with our niece and nephew.

Loathing: That my dr said I could not eat potato chips every single day, still my bras and all this humidity.  I think it is gonna be a long summer!

Belly button: It's in, but weird looking...

Movement: Flutters and little pokes.

Symptons: Achy back, hungry and this weird feeling where my boobs hit my rib cage.

Best part of the week: Revealing to y'all that we have a sweet little girl hiding in this bump.

Worst part of the week: Trying on maternity bathing suits...I feel like a stuffed sausage.

Missing most: Far away friends, beer and my white skinny jeans.

Can't wait for: getting the spare bedroom cleaned out for our little girl.

Check y'all tomorrow!


Monday, May 11, 2015

These Two Outfits.

Thank you for all the amazing love yesterday!
This babe of ours is one lucky little lady to have so many people excited about her arrival.

Now on to these outfits...I died over these.

When Stephanie offered up her very talented mother in law's services for our reveal, I just knew we were in store for something amazing.

The lace and smocking on the dress and the tiny tiger on the boy bubble was too much for my hormonal self to handle. I actually shed a couple tears when they arrived. After ripping the package open, I held that little boy bubble in my hands and imagined a teeny tiny babe filling it up and sitting on his daddy's lap this fall, watching the Clemson Tigers run down the hill on our couch.

I was so convinced that this bump of mine had a boy hiding inside of it, I simply would not allow myself to fall in love with the sweet little dress. I did not know how much I truly wanted a little girl until we saw her on the ultrasound.

Her tiny features, hands, feet and precious little nose.  Now, I can't picture anything else then our sweet girl, debuting her smocked paw print dress for her first football game via our living room tv.

A very special thanks to Mary for the amazing outfits!
 You must check out her sweet Easy shop, she has some adorable items on there right now!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Baby D Gender Reveal!

What's hiding inside this bump of ours?

I'll be happy as long as this babe is happy and healthy. Reid agrees, along with one little, exception...
that he or she must be a Clemson fan. 

Will baby D be a baby boy Tiger or a baby girl Tiger? 


We are over the moon excited to announce the arrival of our baby girl in late September!

A sweet baby girl...can you believe it?
We're still in shock!

I had both of us convinced this little bump had a boy hiding inside.
But we couldn't be more excited for all the love this little girl is about to bring into our lives!

As for this boy bubble suit, it will have to hang ever so nicely in the back of her closet, awaiting a little brother to fill it one day...

These adorable outfits deserve their very own post...more on that tomorrow!

Till then, my mind will be racing with nursery ideas and ways to order more bows from Willow Crowns!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Can't live without it: Family and Friends

Friday, it feels like I've been waiting for you all my life!

Tonight, Reid and I get to share our little babe's gender with both our families.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have families and friends that are willing to travel all the way from South Carolina, Texas and Williamsburg for this little event.

These people are my can't live with out this week.
Sappy, I know...but so true.

I cannot wait to see the look on all their faces when we not only reveal the gender, but also the name!
Yes, me.
The most indecisive person on the planet has decided, along with Reid, on a name for this growing babe.
And I can't wait to monogram anything and everything.

Make sure to check insta this weekend to follow along on all the madness that is about to ensue.


Thanks StephanieCait and Laura for Can't Live Without It Link Up!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Old wives tales.

Thank you everyone for the amazing love yesterday.
Reid and I had a great appointment and this babe of ours is perfect.
Those were the doctor's words, not ours...but I loved hearing it for sure!

| shirt
Not only did we find out this little peanut is growing into an awesome baby, we also found out if we are buying baseball gloves or ballet slippers.
We are over the moon excited to say the least...but our little secret will have to wait till Monday.

I've always been intrigued with these old wives tales on gender prediction and I thought it might be fun to put them a test. Annie posted this same test and I just thought it was the cutest darn thing I had ever clearly I am borrowing it. And to be completely unbiased, I promise, I wrote this post before our drs appointment so I would not be swayed one way or the other.

Sleep Position
Pay attention to which way you lay down in bed tonight. If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy. Right side? You’re pregnant with a girl.

GIRL - I am a stomach sleeper but I do favor my right side normally. At least that is what the husband tells me. 

Upset Stomach
Little girls aren't always sweet. Nausea means you are having a daughter.

GIRL - the first 6 weeks were rough for sure! 

Soft or Dry Hands
If your hands are dry during pregnancy, you are having a boy; soft—expect a girl.

BOY- My hands are always dry.

Food Cravings
Your favorite pregnancy foods may tell you what sex the baby is. If you’re craving citrus while pregnant, you’re having a girl.

GIRL - I have been loving some fresh fruit lately. Love strawberries, cuties and melon. Oh and I've totally been obsessed with anything lemon. 

Adult Acne
If altering hormones makes your skin break out, expect a girl.

GIRL - My face looks like a 15 year old, enough said. 

Graceful or Clumsy Pregnancy
If you feel as though you’re gliding through they day, you’ll have a girl. Stumbling? It’s a boy.

I guess BOY. I was clumsy before I got pregnant and still am. 

Face Weight Gain
If your face gets fuller, it means you’re having a girl.

BOY- so far it looks like the same pea sized face I've always had. 

Sugar and Spice Food Cravings
Craving salt during pregnancy? Potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn means a boy is on the way. Need a little something sweet? Ice cream, chocolate, and candy means you’re having a girl.

BOY - I crave both, but if I had to choose, it would be potato chips. In fact, I wish I had some right now

Mood Changes
If you’re experiencing pregnant mood-swings, expect a baby girl to arrive soon.

GIRL - crazy mood poor, poor husband. 

Baby Weight
If you’re carrying baby in front, it’s a boy. Is the baby weight spaced all around your middle? It’s a girl.

BOY - I think....all I have right now is a bump. Maybe it is too early to tell.  

Model Your Hands
“Show me your hands.” If you would hold your hands palms up it’s a girl. Down? You’re having a boy.

GIRL - I just tested myself. And I promise, I wrote this post prior to finding out the gender. 

Even and Odd Numbers
If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it’s girl. One even, one odd means a boy.

BOY - 30 and year of conception was 2015 (This baby was a New Year day baby ...I think!)

Baby’s Heartbeat
If the baby’s heart beats more than 150 times per minute, you’re pregnant with a girl. Less than 150, it’s a boy.

GIRL - It's always been in the 160s or 150s. 

Stress Test
A child tends to be of the same sex as the parent who is less stressed at the time of conception.

BOY - I am always stressed about something

Dream Meanings
If you dream about having a girl while pregnant, you will wind up having a boy and vice versa.

I'm having the most vivid dreams right now, but not about the gender of the babe. 

Breast Size
If your right breast is larger than the left while pregnant, you are having a girl. If the left is larger, it’s a baby boy.

BOY - but it's always been that way. 

My final score:
GIRL = 7
BOY =8

* Original Source

We'll have to wait and see if these tales prove true on Monday....what do you think?


Linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday duh!
Photo cred goes to Stephanie, my personal photog, from our announcement shoot.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bumpdate: 19 weeks.

Today is the day!
The day I've been waiting for since those two little blue lines appeared on the pregnancy test.
The day we find out if this bump is a boy or a girl!

But I can't tell y'all the big news quite yet...
I know, I'm sorry!!
I think I have to tell our family first, right?
Both our families are coming in on Friday for a little gender reveal dinner and then on Monday, I promise I will let you in on our little secret.
Does that sound like a deal?

On with the bumpdate!

How far along: 19 weeks already...can you believe it?

Size of babe: a zesty zucchini

Gender: We find out whats in this bump today!

Husband: He is either going to be really happy or really scared pending the outcome of our ultrasound this afternoon! I know either way he will be so excited. I cannot wait to see the look on his face!

Maternity clothes: I am mixing and matching up a storm over here. The bump is definitely present and accounted for.

Stretch marks: not that I can see.

Loving: Ice cream sundaes, maxi dresses, Starbucks (don't judge) and laying in bed watching TLC.

Loathing: Chicken, bras, my thighs and my sound of my dog barking at the tv.

Belly button: it gets more and more weird looking every single day.

Movement: still those little flutters!

Symptoms: hungry all the freakin time, back is starting to hurt, and headaches are still lurking...

Best part of the week: Being told I was "so pretty" at work by a complete stranger...that simple compliment worked wonders for this pregnant gal's confidence. Let's not forget the happy tears I shed over Meghan Linsey's version of Amazing Grace on the was amazing.
Oh and I am sure finding out if we are team blue or pink today will take the cake!

Worst part of the week: not having a margarita on Cinco de Mayo...womp womp. Anxiety crept in this week about not eating healthy, not working out enough and not being on the right prenatals. Fun right?

Missing most: see above, it involves alcohol.

Can't wait for: being tan and getting a start on the nursery!

| dress
Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Loving Lately.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Let's start this week off with a post about a couple things I have been loving lately.

Don't worry...this is a maternity free post!

This dress.
Old Navy for the win, again! This dress is amazing and it is only $20 right now. I have it in three colors and love them all. Hint, size up!

This tunic.
It's just perfect for this time of year. I've been loving it with leggings or black pants for work. I wore it last Friday and got a ton of complements. It's comfy, casual and three favorite c's.

This bracelet.
Who doesn't need a good gold accessory? This little gem is a great addition for your summer go to collection. I love the chain link look and it's under $20!

This maxi.
With all the money you've saved from the first three finds you can def feel guilt free about this beauty. It is amazing and gorgeous. Enough said.

This memory card.
If you are a blogger, you need to invest in this little gadget. It is a life saver and allows you to move photos from your DSLR to your phone in a matter of seconds.

This body lotion.
As the weather gets warmer and warmer, more and more skin is exposed...this lotion does an amazing job of holding in moisture and making your skin silky smooth without being greasy.

I think that'll do it!

Chat with y'all tomorrow.

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