Tuesday, August 20, 2013

oh Sampson, you little boo you!

So truth, hah, I sat down last night to compose a completely different post than what I ended up writing... I started to do a before and after of our house but then this little guy crawled into my lap and laid right on my computer. 
how do you make this little cutie move?
Oh Sampson, you pretty much stole my heart the first day I met you and you truly were my first love. We have been together for 10 years as of this summer and even with your gray hair you still make me smile everyday. So why not dedicate an entire post to you?

The moment I heard that Kristen (my college roommate of three years) and I were going to live off campus our Junior year my dog hunt began... I was all over the SPCA websites and petfinder.com looking for the perfect pooch. I came across a random listing for a part schnauzer, part yorkie mix named Toto with no picture attached. Having grown up with a couple family members who were schnauzers I was immediately planning a trip that very weekend to the shelter to visit this said Toto. My parents again tagged along, they are always doing that, and tried to talk me out of getting this dog. When we pulled up to this sorta sketching looking shelter we found this practically bald, mange infested, mean, growling dog that had been passed around from shelter to shelter for over 6 months. So there I was, in that nasty shelter where Toto was miserable Town, USofA and being a complete terror and what did I do? Well, I took him home of course! I did ask the lady if she would hold my check for a week because I did not know what I was getting myself into. But when we put this dog in the car, he immediately jumped into the front seat and looked back at us like "are you clowns coming or what?" Yup, I knew, in that instant that this dog was going to be apart of my life for a long time.

He got a new name of course, Sampson, and a much needed bath and time for his hair to grow back and then became just another member of our family. Now, I so wish I could say that he is the most wonderful dog that anyone could ask for, so great with children, and just really happy go lucky...but sadly he is not. I swear Sampson is a person trapped in a dogs body and is highly annoyed by his silly mommy trying to tell him what to do. He is grumpster and does not like strangers, children, bikes, children on bikes, adults on bikes, anything with wheels, delivery men, toll booth workers, his sister Tuggy...the list really could go on and on.

Sampson does have some awesome qualties about him. He is a super classy fellow and loves to wear a good bow tie every now and then, he is an excellent singer and very good at balancing like a badger on his back legs! He much prefers to sleep on our bed or couch than on the floor, only eats his dinner we Reid and I eat ours and pretty much runs our house.

Even with all his craziness he is our "little boo", a favorite nickname that Reid and I have for him, and we love him to pieces. In fact Reid and Sampson have a very special bond, I like to think that they choose each other. I am pretty sure that the reason Reid asked me to marry him is to secure his link to Sampson forever.

We love you, you old man, more than words can ever express! You make us so happy and we cannot wait to get home everyday to see you!

xoxo Sammie-Boo - We love you!

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