Friday, August 9, 2013

Southern Send-Off: Mamaw's Sweet Tea


Happy Friday Y'all! 

I am headed off to the Lake this weekend with some great friend so I thought I would send y'all off  with a little southern treat! My dear friend Cassie has graciously given me her Mamaw's sweet tea recipe. (Mamaw, for those of you that don't know, is an endearing southern term for Grandmother). Every time Cassie would break out the sweet tea I would imagine her as a little girl, standing on a stool next to her Mamaw mixing the sugar in. 

I have always thought that a woman's sweet tea recipe was meant to be a close kept secret.... you know, passed down from mother to daughter or in this case grandmother to granddaughter. Or a bunch of old ladies whispering at church about who makes the best and worst sweet tea. Families sitting down together for Sunday supper with a big pitcher of sweet tea on the table ok, lets be honest, I got that last one from Duck Dynasty!

Whether you grew up in the south or not you will love having this little treasure in your back pocket for a hot summer day! 

Mamaw's Sweet Tea

must have:

Lipton Tea Bags: Mamaw only uses Lipton Tea bags (family sized)



(pretty easy thus far huh?)

what to do:

boil about 4 cups of water on the stove with 4 family sized Lipton Tea bags

put two cups of sugar in the bottom of a BIG pitcher 

pour the hot water (tea bags and all) in the said pitcher and let it just sit on the counter for a bit

fish out the tea bags and just fill with water - no need to add ice now, this will just make it taste funny

Mamaw does not put the tea in the fridge - she just leaves it out for all to enjoy!

(side note: if you are using a cute glass pitcher cut the above recipe in half)

and that is it folks..... you now have Mamaw's sweet tea recipe. May it serve you well! 

Thanks Cassie for giving me this little piece of you! 



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