Monday, August 19, 2013

home sweet home

Welcome to our home!
Happy Monday y'all!  I thought it might be fun this week to share our home on Virginia Sweet so that all our family and friends who follow from far away can come for a quick visit!

Reid and I bought our home in October of 2012, which was a very busy time for us as we were preparing for our December wedding but we did it and moved in on Reid's birthday! (Reid I promise to get you something much better than movers this year for your birthday)
Last summer we looked and looked at houses in the Willow Lawn area of Richmond with our awesome Realtor Corbin Ryland but every time we fell in love with a house it either sold before we had a chance to go see it or we got into a crazy bidding war. We literally were about to give up when Corbin sent us an email saying that we should take a look at this house, it was outside of where we had been looking but it had a walk in closet in the master and granite countertops. 
say no more....a walk in closet in the master? Yes please!
At our rental house on Patterson, I had been living out of three closets all about the size of a shoe box and most of the homes we had been looking at were not much better. So for this one reason we went to go look at this house. 
My parents happened to be visiting that day when Corbin took us through the house and I must say that we were excited. The house was built in the 90's and was so different than have we thought we wanted. It was right over the county line, which Reid LOVED since city taxes are higher and in walking distance to an awesome elementary school. It was still close to everything and just a stone's throw away from my little nephew's house. It had 3 bedrooms and a fenced in yard for our then one dog Sampson. It was just what were looking for and we put an offer in that day! 
just enough room for Sam and Tug to play! 
With a little negotiating, ok a lot of negotiating, a big check for the downpayment, the house was ours!
We love our almost 1500 sqft home and it is just perfect for our 5-7 year plan. (Reid will not even let me think about another house for 4 more years!) We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of being in our home and although I still need to unpack some things, we think the house is coming along nicely. 
I am excited to show you the changes we have made to our little piece of the world and want to thank our friend/reatlor Corbin for making us look outside of the box!

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