Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a clean house for my birthday!

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Isn't that the truth? hah! 

So, for my birthday my amazing mother gave me the best present a girl that who works full time, attempts to write a blog, has two pooches and a hubby could ask for. She gave me a clean house! 

I have never really been a neat freak and am ok with things being out of order or not in their designated spot...who am I kidding, most things in my house really don't have a designated spot. This of course drives Reid up the wall! He does not understand why we now have a cleaning service and thinks that we should be able to keep our 1500 square foot house clean. This is the same guy who also thinks that dusting the living room is a semi-annual event. 

We had our first house cleaning last week and I really was that person who stayed up way too late to clean/pick up the house before the cleaners arrived. Reid again, was very confused as to why I was cleaning up for the cleaning lady. There are just some things that men will never understand and this will just have to be one of them!

But boy let me tell you what... I was so excited when I got home from work that day -  I was literally skipping through the house! All those annoying things that pile up with dust were clean, the bathrooms smelled like bleach, the range was shiny and everything was in it's place!  I think even Reid approved, although I am sure he will never admit it! 

Thanks Mom for a stellar birthday present! I can hardly wait till next Tuesday's cleaning! 

Love, CAD 


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