Wednesday, August 21, 2013

home sweet home take two, the dining room

Hey y'all! Ready to pick up where we left off yesterday? Well, let's get right into it, I think our next stop will be one of my favorite rooms in the house because I love love love it!

the dining room

So, as you will see most of my downstairs is some shade of gray so in the dining room I wanted to be a little more bold. Don't worry, I still went with a shade of gray, just a much darker one. I was having a hard time finding the perfect inspiration for this room until my sister-in-law introduced me to Williams and Sherrill, a wonderful fabric and home decorating store in Richmond. 

I was in love the second I stepped foot in the store and knew that this was a very bad idea for my pocket book! Any-who, it was there that I found this wonderful pale blue fabric with birds in really fun colors. The blue/gray color of the fabric really works nicely with the color in the kitchen and living room and the birds add just the perfect pop of color to compliment my corner cabinet full of my grandmother's china. 

new dining room!
I pulled the gray/navy color out of the fabric for the paint and ended up with Peppercorn by drum roll please... Sherwin Williams - who woulda thought?? Reid actually did the board and batton beneath the chairrail himself and I love the way it turned out! 

Reid working on the board and batton
Random fact: Reid and I actually enjoy antique shopping as a couple! We used to go to this awesome antique stop in Charlotte called the Sleepy Poet about every other Sunday to walk off brunch and day dream. Now that we own a house, he is not as egar to go antiquing since we usually come home with the most random stuff but we have had some really good finds in Richmond. We found our 4 dining room chairs and head chairs at West End Antiques and our table at Impulse. Impulse is this awesome consignment store that is literately in walking distance to my house... Trouble with a capital T!   

Here is a snapshot of the chairs we bought for the ends of our table. I am in the process of recovering them in the gray and white fabric (they were an awful yellow fuzzy fabric) - also a great find on sale at Williams and Sherrill! Well,  when I say "process" what I really mean is it has taken me 6 months to do one back, but HEY who is counting? We are also planning on painting the bottom of the table and chairs below but really not sure what colors yet? Got any ideas???

I spy a little boo! 
Overall, I am really excited about the way this room is turning out! We still have some items on my "to-do list" to check off but we are off to a great start. 

Here is my "to-do" list for the dining room:

1. touch up paint
2. plantation blides
3. paint chairs and table 
4. finally hang up wedding pictures
5. finish recovering the chairs
6. install a fabulous chandelier in place of that cra cra brass one

oh wait! Didn't you want to see what our dining room looked like before we moved in?? 

How do you think we did? 

much love friends! 


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