Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bumpdate: 34, 35, 36...

or 37...who can keep count anymore?

I can't believe it is already September...Lucie's birth month.

Like, I'm going to have a baby and soon.

It's crazy for me to even try and wrap my brain around it.

I took a needed hiatus from the blog to get as much rest as humanly possible at 8 months pregnant and check off as many items from our ever growing to-do list before Lucie makes her debut.

I can happily report that we are as ready as we're gonna be at home for her arrival.

Work, not so much.

I'm starting to stress about being out of the office for 12 weeks and leaving this remodel. But that sounds like a whole other blog post.

Now, let me get you all caught up on this huge bump of mine.

|| Photo by Ruth B Photography ||

How far along: currently I am 36 weeks and 6 days along...When these pics were taken I was 35 weeks and 2 days.

Size of babe: a ripe papaya.....she's probably close to 19" long and around 5-6lbs. She is almost fully cooked!

Gender: It's a girl - Miss Lucie.

Husband: Bless his bones....he has been super supportive and just so nice these days. His ability to tolerate my crazy-late-in-pregnancy-nesting-phase is amazing and the way he had learned to bite his tongue when I don't form real sentences makes me wonder where this patience has been hiding for 6 years. He's gonna need this new found patience when Lucie get's here...I'm only prepping him for what is about to happen. He is also beyond thrilled that the Clemson Tigers will run down the hill this weekend...even if we have to stream the game to our tv via the ESPN app, even if they are playing Wofford (woof) and even if we are going to laying on the couch in Richmond while all his homeboys (can I say that?) are tailgating up a storm at the game. We will miss our Clemson tailgate crew so much, but I have no doubt that both Stephanie and Ashley will keep you updated on that debacle in the making!

Fave maternity item: I'm totally over anything and everything maternity. So here are a couple great Fall finds I snagged, yes at Old Navy, for my soon to be postpartum physique. The sweater I am toting in my maternity photos is this lady right here and I love her. I want her in all colors possible. I also grabbed this gal and think she will be perfect for lounging with the babe this Fall. Per usual, everything at ON is on super sale right now so run, don't're welcome.

Loving: I am so loving Lucie's teeny, tiny, little onesies and her sweet baby socks. The bigger my tummy gets the more I can just imagine dressing her and kissing those baby hands and feet. I'm also obsessed with Lucky Charms at the moment...the second I walk through the door each afternoon, I pour myself a big bowl and don't feel guilty about it one bit. My one cup of coffee a day and my OB are my new besties - we hang out a lot these days. Thank God they are both cool with each other.

Loathing: Everything... and I'm only slightly kidding. I am pretty hard to please these days and I blame it on being so super pregnant in the hottest part of the summer. And the fact that when I stand or walk, my thighs touch each other in the most non attractive way.

|| Photo by Ruth B Photography ||

Belly button: An outtie - She's practically done in there.

Movement: She's crazy! The hiccups are the weirdest ever and she is for sure running out of room.

Lucie and Momma update: She has been head down for the past two weeks and already in her general birthing position but I'm not dilated. This is awesome news for both baby and momma since we can expect to have a regular delivery (with an epidural of course). My Dr said she would be very surprised if Lucie were to change positions at this point. The Dr is really happy with my 30lb weight gain and all other numbers at this point. We see each other every Friday morning from here on out and are both just waiting for Miss thang to make her arrival.

Symptoms: How long ya got? Peeing every 5 mins, back hurting, feet and hands swelling and feeling hot all the time, pelvic pain, boobies are out of control large, exhausted, tired after walking up the steps, unable to hide my judgey face any longer and 8 months pregnant in every way.

Best part of the week: Getting my maternity photos back from Ruth B and hearing Lucie's heartbeat, nothing is better than that sound.

Worst part of the week: Can I use Monday for a 2nd time in a row?

Can't wait for: This weekend and not having anything at all to do...

|| Photo by Ruth B Photography || Headboard || Curtains || 

Tomorrow let's recap our maternity photo, shall we?


  1. The physical woes will be over soon and it will all be worth it! :D

    Also, these are fantastic photos! Props to your photographer!


  2. "Like, I'm going to have a baby and soon." I thought this too....but it's been determined that my uterus is WAY more comfy than the outside world. #pregnantforever

    But really, you're adorable and I love the pictures! Not long now, mama!

  3. Looooove that last picture! Not too much longer now... hope everyone can hold down the tailgate without y'all there this weekend!

  4. Your maternity photos are beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

  5. What lovely pictures! She'll be here so soon!

  6. Your maternity photos are beautiful!! You look so gorgeous! She'll be here before you know it and all of the crazy symptoms and hormones will be 110% worth it :)

  7. beautiful photos! I'm SO excited for you two :) have a little date night with your husband and eat allll the ice cream! she will be here soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Your room is the cleanest I have ever seen it! Looking gorgeous!! love you

  9. That last picture made my heart flutter. So sweet.

  10. These pictures are just adorable. I love them all!


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