Monday, August 25, 2014

Girls Weekending

Oh my....what a weekend.

If you follow me on insta, you already know that it was pretty wild. I have not had a weekend like this past one in quite some time. It felt so good to let loose and enjoy some girl time.

Now that I am 30, I thought I would share my wise words of wisdom with you. There are the things I learned from this past weekend:

Day drinking on the beach is amazing.

Dancing on tables is still fun.

Eating Papa John's pizza at midnight is a life saver.

A limo is the only way to travel to a concert.

A Yeti is a must for any good girls-weekend and the perfect limo accessory.

When 3 bottles of liquor and your Cards Against Humanity game go missing, odds are you had one hell of a weekend.

Fishermen are so fun and love Fireball.

Rompers are an epic fail when you have to go to the bathroom in tight spaces.
ps. This pic is for you Pamela ... the romper was hit! Especially since I flashed a bunch of fishermen before I enlisted the help of a safety pin! 
Wagon Wheel is still the

Miranda Lambert rocked it.

Shots of straight gin are never the answer.

It is OK to shotgun a beer in the parking lot of your company's headquarters, as long as it is in the back.

Water, Gator-aid, and Advil are your best friends when you are 30.

Drinking 6 bottles of champagne may or may not be the best thing ever - jury is still out.

Over-packing is a must when 4 girls are involved.

Brunch consisting of a Bloody Mary, coffee and a cheese burger is a must on Sunday mornings.

These girls made my weekend simply amazing and I could not thank them more!

Cheers to the week ahead!

Ashley will be here tomorrow to chat about the most important thing happening this weekend.....College Football, duh!

A special thanks to Biana, and Meghan for hosting their wonderful linkup! 




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  1. Haha, over packing is always a must when there are multiple girls involved! Looks like y'all had such a fun time though.

  2. What a blast of a weekend and I agree rompers are cute in theory, but so hard when you have to go to the bathroom lol!! Sounds like you had a great time and girls weekends are always good for the soul as is Pizza!!!

  3. aw what a fun weekend! my girlfriends and i are going on a trip this weekend and I am so excited. overpacking is a must, gin is never a good idea lol! that romper looks so cute on you (i always carry safety pins, even though i have zero chest, i always end up flashing people with things like that) but seriously how do you go to the bathroom?!!

  4. looks like SUCH a fun weekend!! xo jillian - stop by! im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  5. Yes to all of these things!! Especially Papa Johns pizza at midnight, day drinking on the beach and weekending with the girls!! :)


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