Friday, August 22, 2014

friday favs!

Heck Yes!

It is Friday!

Let's all do a little dance....

Man, this week has just been dragging on and on. I had to really push myself to stay motivated at work this week because my head is still in vaca mode, I think.

On a positive note, my tan still looks fierce and thank god, because I have big plans this weekend.
Make sure to insta along with me ... things might get a little craZzzzzzy!

Here are just a couple of the things that made my week shine,

{miranda lambert}

yup....I will be seeing her in concert this evening. Limo ride, champagne, yeti cooler full of beer and jello shots, cowboy boots and 3 other stellar women will make this evening a rip roaring good time!

{girls weekend}

This girls weekend sorta just fell into my lap.... 4 of us are going to spend the weekend in VA beach, see the above concert, layout on the beach, read, gossip, sleep, nurse hangovers, brunch, dance, get all dressed up, maybe throw up and have one heck of a good time!

{crossfire series}


It is smut, but the writing is pretty decent and with a name like Gideon Cross, who doesn't like that? I think I liked it better than Fifty Shades, but with two more books left to be released in this series, the jury is still out. Read it and thank me later.

{lack of tv}

honestly....there is absolutely nothing on tv this time of year. AND I am happy to report that Reid and I have not once this week turned the tube on. We really got into reading while on our amazing vacation and have been sitting in silence each night with our noses in a book. I have no idea what is going on in the real world other than what pops up on my phone from my CNN app or briefly skimming The Skimm each morning. My mother tells me there is all sorts of trouble going on around the world and it sounds so super depressing. Next week I will try to be a better human and care about world events......

{return of the pumpkin spice latte}

it's happening.... Starbucks' pumpkin latte will be here on August 25th and thank god! This is such exciting news and made my week for sure!

{college football season 2014}

College football season starts basically next weekend - Praise Jesus! If you are looking for some fun tailgate inspiration - check out here, here, here, here and here!
(ps. the pimento cheese recipe is killer!)

I think that is all I can muster up today!

Got to shout out to the ladies who rock the Friday link ups:

Friday Favorites: Amanda

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Have a safe and happy weekend loves!



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  1. LOVE that seasons sign! I need that! And yay to pumpkin spice returning early this year!! Eek! And have an amazing time on your girls trip, how freaking awesome!!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. sounds like awesome weekend plans! have fun at the concert! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. jealous of your tan, have a great time at the concert + girls weekend! fun :) that seasons sign is so cute, that would be perfect in our house.. above the TV.. which is on football for the entirety of fall. haha!

  4. Hope you have the best time at the concert tonight - you guys are going to be riding in style!! I am so ready for college football season -woo hoo!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. What, August 25th for pumpkin spice? It seems so early. I'm not complaining I love it, so delicious, haha

  6. We've been the same with TV lately and heck yes to football season!! :) Normally I'd say the same about PSLs but I cut out coffee (I know, crazy!) so I have to bake with pumpkin instead! Country concerts are the absolute best, hope you have an amazing time!!

  7. My husband is so excited about the pumpkin spice coming back. Ha. Hope you have a good weekend!

  8. Your girls' weekend sounds AWESOME... I'm totally jealous! LOVE Miranda, should be a great show!! Have so much fun :)

  9. umm these are also all of my favorite things- SO jealous you get to see Miranda!!! and praise sweet baby Jesus, college football is baaaackkk!!!!! definitely going to check out your tailgate ideas!

  10. It's so true there's nothing on TV right now!

  11. Each fall I get so jealous of your Southern bloggers and college football. I wish we had that kind of culture here in SoCal :( Sounds like so much fun!!

    I hope you had a blast at the concert!


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