Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bumpdate: 25 weeks.

I pulled my ish together just in time for a bumpdate.

Week 25, here we go...

How far along: 25 weeks

Size of babe: a Nappa cabbage

Gender: all girl

Fave maternity item: I'm in love with the dress I'm wearing in the pictures. It doesn't cling which makes it perfect for all this heat we're having. Plus, in my humble opinion, the color is fabulous.

Stretch marks: Ugh, I think I might have a couple tiny ones on my back....I know it sounds crazy but  these little strange lines magically appeared way back there around my panty line.

Loving: Ice cream, Oreos and milk, anything and everything sweet and cold.

Loathing: My hormones - see the symptom section below.

Belly button: It's flat and crazy looking.

Movement: I've got a little gymnast in my tummy and she's doing somersaults all day long.

Symptoms: So hormonal. I'm up, I'm down...I'm crazy! That's def what I am. I totally did the un-thinkable at work...I totally lost it standing in the middle of my office. Just started crying and laughing at the same time, for no reason whatsoever. And it was in front of everyone. The smallest things just set me off these days. Oh and my feet still hurt and I am still feeling full all the time.

Best part of the week: Reid being able to finally feel Lucie kick. It was a really sweet moment and one I'll never forget.

Worst part of the week: Heat index being 106...enough said.

Can't wait for: My family is getting together this Sunday for a little cookout in Lucie's honor! Can't wait to show off this growing bump to loved ones from far away.

|| dress || headband || necklace || bracelet || 
We'll chat more tomorrow.



  1. Crazy was an understatement when I was pregnant! lol! That is so awesome Reid got to feel the baby kick, that is such an amazing thing to feel on your own but to have someone you love feel it, is another type of special!

  2. I can see why you love that dress! It looks amazing on you and the color is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the office incident! At least you have an excuse though!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. You look gorgeous, mama! Hmm, oreos and milk!

  4. Oh gosh that heat is no joke, but you look cool as a cucumber!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Oh I had so many time when I was laughing at myself crying, you're not alone and it will pass. I hope it cools down for you, I can't imagine how uncomfortable this heat would be in your 2nd and 3rd trimester!

  6. I mayyyyy need that dress - so cute! And, how are you standing that heat? The thought of it brings me to my knees! I'm in Nashville this weekend and already am dreading the suffocation!

  7. I love your dress, Old Navy really is great for pregnancy staples. This heat is crazy, try to keep cool. (It's the perfect excuse to eat ice cream though.)

  8. you look great -- love this dress and the color!!! try to stay cool and eat all the ice cream you want! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Oh my word girl you look incredible and more power to ya for looking that good in THIS HEAT! ICK!

  10. You look great in that dress! Hopefully everything at your work was really understanding :)

  11. Live your hot pink! So cute a little Nappa cabbage! Looking fabulous lady!


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