Monday, June 1, 2015

Real life and it ain't pretty.

I sat down to write an inspired blog post and then this happened.....

{dramatic long period of silence}


I've got nothing for ya....

I can't seem to get myself together this week.

I'm sorta a hot mess.

I have a mountain of laundry to do.
Literally a huge mountain that I climb over in my closet every morning while I try to forge for something clean and not wrinkled to wear.

Nothing in my house has a home.
I need to clean out every single closet in my 1500 square foot home. We have no space or storage and my pregnancy rage is making me want to throw away anything that does not have a specific place to live.  Then my hormones kick in and I cannot seem to shake a sentimental attachment that miraculously appeared.

We have one billion unfinished house projects.
I got so fed up with these said projects, I called a contractor and hired him to paint, fix, patch and replace anything and everything that needed it. So I am 6 months pregnant and we are about to get all new windows, new back door, ceilings painted and about 20 other things I can't remember right now.

I have no short term memory.
None...If I don't write it down, it is not getting done.

I cannot get comfortable.
And I'm only 23 weeks pregnant...I feel full all day long, my back hurts, my feet hurt and I can't help but thinking it's going to be such a long summer.

And because this post is already so awesome, I'll leave you with my current motto:

Yup, that's real life...

Isn't it glamours?



  1. Awww girl, hang in there!! Taking care of yourself is what's most important :)

  2. Aw girl, I hope you start feeling better soon! I feel you on the not having anything to write about, the mountain of laundry and needing to clean out closets, that was me yesterday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I can't even count how many days I had like this while pregnant! I think its a great idea you hired someone to help around the house, it takes a lot more stress off of you! Hang in there pretty mama, listen to your body and relax when you need to!

  4. My back and feet started hurting bad too and I'm only 20 weeks!! I was like this is too soon! When I get home from work all I want to do is sleep! I thought I was over all the exhaustion for now! I'm glad you hired someone! You relax and take it one day at a time. Everything can wait but you're only pregnant for a short while so enjoy it and don't stress. The baby feeds off of it!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  5. Girl you got this!!! And if it doesn't get done then it didn't need to get done -that's my motto! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Pregnancy is a you know what! And so is laundry. And so is the to do list! Just remember, you won't be preggo forever and it will be worth it! And that meme is hhow I feel everyday!

  7. I have so many days like this, and I'm not even pregnant! Hang in there girlie, it will pass!

  8. I love that motto! And hurray for getting things checked off the big ol' house to-do list!

  9. I still have 2/3's of my life in boxes and storage tupperware and I moved in 5 months ago. So I 100% feel you girl on the lack of storage and closet space!

  10. Hang in there, lady! I feel like I have so many days like this and I'm not even pregnant so you deserve to skip the to do list if it's not your thing that day.. or even week :) It'll all get done in good time.

  11. Though not pregnant, I can definitely relate. Life gets so overwhelming sometimes, doesn't it? Haha!

  12. oh man. hang in there. i totally had some freak out moments during my pregnancy... 100% normal and nothing a little ben and jerrys cant fix. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. I agree, life gets hectic sometimes! Everything will get done and it will be perfect! Xo, Stephanie


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