Sunday, September 8, 2013

weekend recap!

Hey Loves! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and took full advantage of the beautiful weather! I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend but Reid and I still managed to get out on Saturday to South of the James Market.

After hearing that Reid and I had never been to the South of the James Market, my friend Lorin sent me a sweet text message mapping out a route for us to take when we got there. Her recommendations were spot on and we had the best time. Reid, Tuggy and I headed out around 8:30am to see what this farmers market was all about. We are trying to get Tuggy out in public more often so this was the perfect opportunity for her to tag along. 

We got there right around 8:45 and it was already packed and parking was kinda nuts. After Tuggy almost got hit by a car because she is an amazing escape artist, we found our way to the market. We decided to walk the permitter first and see all that there was to offer! 

The first item on our list was to go to the bagel stand in the far right corner and order one with the works. We did as we were told and ordered one, minus the onions of course and it was delicious! So fresh and so yummy! While I was waiting on the bagel, Reid grabbed some coffee and we were all set! We tried to keep Tuggy in check, but she is a hot mess and wanted to play with every dog she saw. 

After the bagel, the next item Lorin had on our list was the Amish donut stand in the far left corner. We found their set up without any trouble and ate this little piece of heaven without a carb care in the world. 

We finished our trip by selecting some awesome looking veggies to get us through the week and some all natural dog treats for the pups! 

We had to boogie since I was due at my friend Anna's bridal shower at noon but on the way home we were already planning our next trip back. We will definatly buy all of our produce and meats first because they go fast! 

The rest of the weekend went by too fast as most do. We had a treat on Saturday night and took my oldest brother to Kuba Kuba for dinner. He is in visiting from California for a few weeks and I am so glad we got to spend some time with him. I pretty much spent the whole day Sunday on the couch as my poor hubby did yard work. I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry done...that's a start right? Hopefully Monday will be more productive. Wish me luck!

Ok, that is all for now! 

Have a great Monday Loves, 


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