Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dinner Anyone?

It was a Saturday night, I had just worked 10-5 and Reid and I were long over due for dinner and a movie. We decided at 6pm that we were going to shoot for the 7:50 showing of We're the Millers, which is laugh out loud, clap your hands, snort kind of funny. 

But where to eat? Reid and I are always in this predicament! 

Since Richmond is known for their diverse food culture, we try really hard to not choose a chain restaurant. But with so many cool places to choose from we usually PANIC and end up at the same old stand bys because Reid is now starving and I am so indecisive. 

That night we actually ended up at a great new restaurant in the ever thriving Scott's Addition area called En Su Boca. Don't worry, I have a post coming soon with our rave review! Even Reid is getting used to this blogging thing and now asks if I need to take a pic before he can eat. What a sweet hubby! 

Our indecisiveness got us thinking....Why don't we compile a list of places that we want to try, try them and then let Virginia Sweet in on the juicy details? 

Here is what we have thus far in no particular order: 
En Su Boca
The Roosevelt
New American Tap House 
Pearls Raw Bar 
The daily Bar
Blue Goat (new menu)
Curry Craft
Café Rustica
Black Sheep

We are defiantly taking suggestions of other places to add to our list - any ideas? 

See y'all tomorrow for another southern send-off! 

Till then Loves, 


ps...make sure you check out my Blogtember post here

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