Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks.

When I got pregnant, I promised myself this blog would not turn into one long bumpdate.
But sadly, it looks like that's what has happened.

I just can't seem to get my act together any more.
I'm a hot mess.
And I feel awfully pregnant these days, as one probably should at 31 weeks and in the dead of summer.

So before I digress any further, let me fill you in on life as a 31 week pregnant person.

How far along: 31 weeks.

Size of babe: Romaine lettuce and evidently Lucie is just packing on the lbs these day...I think mama is too.

Gender: It's a girl!

Weight: We shall find out on Monday at my 32 week appointment!

|| Dress || Nail Polish || 
Husband: He is being so bossy these days! Making me put my feet up and telling me to drink more water and to stop eating the entire box of Dunkin' Donut Munchkins. Who does he think he is? I'm the bossy one in this relationship...

Fave maternity item: I'm sorta over being pregnant this week so let me share with you my most fave non maternity item instead. I am totally digging this cardigan and have it on my must wear list for the fall. I see a mom uniform consisting of nursing tanks, leggings and that cardigan consuming my life shortly.

Loving: Oh my god, I have eaten 2 entire boxes of Milk Duds in the past three days...I'm obsessed. Loving that my mother cleaned our entire house and went grocery shopping for us while we were away on vacation. And having our pups back!

Loathing: Being awake, my feet and not feeling Lucie move.

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: She is doing somersaults in there and it is crazy to watch. Now Reid can really see her moving around and claims I have an alien in my tummy.

Symptoms: So many Braxton Hicks contractions happening over here. So many, that I got sent home on Monday with direct orders to lay down and drink a ton of water. Evidently, I might have over done it while on vacation and my Dr was not too happy. I'll be seeing her again on Monday to get my official scolding and check up.

Best part of the week: Having a real excuse to lay on the couch while Reid does everything and the shower my sweet work friends threw for me and Lucie this past weekend! Really, I am truly thankful for all the amazing people in my life.

Worst part of the week: Feeling super pregnant and not being my normal peppy self.

Can't wait for: Seeing a ton of sweet family friends this upcoming weekend at my 2nd official shower!

So next week is a pretty big week around's Virginia Sweet's two year anniversary!
And we're celebrating with a super sweet giveaway, a couple fave posts of mine and a state of the union address.

Are y'all still with me?



  1. You look so good at 31 weeks! I love the dress. Has it already been 2 years since you started blogging??

  2. My husband has been the exact same way, always telling me to not bend over haha. Aw your mama is so sweet, I'm sure that was nice to come home to!

  3. How sweet that your mom hooked you up when you came back from vacation! You look amazing and good luck with those Braxton Hicks contractions!

  4. you look great! bummmmer about the braxton hicks contractions! hang in there mama you're getting closer :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Well you look absolutely amazing!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Is it sad that I read this and now all I want is Milk Duds?

  7. Loving that dress on you! can't wait to see you in just a few short days :)

  8. 'm sorry to hear about the Braxton hicks....I don't even want to ask what it feels like because I'm assuming it's not fun. Hopefully a few extra hours of couch time a day will help them ease up...hang in there girl!

  9. You look great! Completely forgot about milk duds…. yum!

  10. You look so great! Even if you are feeling super preggo. Sounds like you have a sweet husband to take care of you and milk duds! :)


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