Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bumpdate: 30 Weeks.

Hey Friends! 

Greetings from South Carolina....Reid and I are enjoying a great week of un-plugged relaxation at the beach with our family. 

I realized yesterday around 5pm that it was Wednesday and I had not taken one, single picture thus far. So, I threw on a dress and made Reid play photog for my 30 week bumpdate shot. 

How far along: 30 weeks.

Size of babe: a cantaloupe, about 17" long and 3lbs.

Gender: It's a girl!

Weight: I am finally where the dr wants me to do....20 lbs up.

Husband: He is enjoying his vaca by playing golf as much as possible, reading the Maze Runner series, drinking his way through his Yeti cooler and making sure that I am not overdoing it. I've even gotten a couple good foot rubs out of him this week. Vacation clearly suits him.

Fave maternity item: I've been living in either bathing suits or pj's this entire week. I won't bore you with the details or pictures of my maternity swim style but I will share this awesome Target find. Since we were going to be in a house with other people, I did not think that underwear and one of Reid's t-shirts was an appropriate form of cover up. I can guarantee that no one wants to see my exposed thighs while standing in line for their morning or not. So I snagged this little get up on my last trip to Target and I am in love. It's not maternity so I sized up on the nightgown but stayed true to size on the robe. It is just so soft and the top is slightly padded so I can go sans bra. Win.

Loving: Carbs and Oreos....That is about all I have been eating. And cold water, I just want to drink about 10 gallons a day! I'm also loving the pool and sitting on the beach knocking out some of the books on this reading list.

Loathing: The heat...even on the beach it is sooo freaking hot. My feet, they are turning on me these days. And bending over. Life is exciting over here!

Belly button: An outtie for sure.

Movement: Lucie has been on a sugar high since the start of this trip. She has been moving all over the place and thank goodness! There is a sweet little 3 year old girl on our vaca and she asks me every day "Is Lucie moving?"  I just love seeing her little hand on my belly and her big, wide eyes when she can feel a kick or nudge.

Symptoms: My feet are starting to swell and hurt, along with my hands and legs. The nightly leg cramps are no fun at all either. So thirsty and hungry all the time, but feel like death after I eat a big meal. I am most certainly in my third trimester and feeling every second of it.

Best part of the week: Having not a damn thing to do while on vacation and sitting in complete silence on the beach with Reid, reading our books....heaven.

Worst part of the week: Taking a peek at my work phone and seeing 44 emails from yesterday.

Can't wait for: Seeing our pups when we get home and my first baby shower this Sunday!

|| Dress - non maternity ||


  1. You're looking more and more beautiful the further along you get :) Almost there mama, how exciting, you're almost in the single digits!

    And you're on vacation, don't worry about work right now :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. Ahhhh I love your 'best part of this week'. That sounds HEAVENLY right now!!! I hope yall enjoy the rest of your stay!

  3. You look gorgeous!! I was all about the cold water too, such a weird request right? Sounds like you're having a good vaca! Excited for you for the baby shower, so fun! :)

  4. Have fun! I'll have to find that Target nightgown. There's no better craving to have while pregnant than water, so good for you and Lucie!

  5. You look great! The countdown is on!

  6. have the BEST time at the beach. and eat ALL the oreos :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Sounds like you're having a pretty great time relaxing down at the beach. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

  8. You look fantastic!! Glad you are enjoying a vacation and some foot rubs!

  9. Glad you're having fun on vacay- that dress is adorable!! Hope you have lots of fun at your first shower :)

  10. Sounds and looks heavenly!!!! You look radiant - and now I kind of want an Oreo!

  11. Reid did a great job at playing maternity photographer! Maybe a new career in his future? Haha Enjoy your baby shower!

  12. You look great!! Definitely glowing :)

  13. You look fab. You would never know you have an Oreo craving. Ha.


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