Monday, August 10, 2015

A Shower for Lucie.

Lucie is already so spoiled.

Lord help me and her.

We are also beyond lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.

Ones that go out of their way to host the most perfect shower for mama and baby girl.

|| My Dress and it''s not maternity || 

Ones that travel almost 7 hours to love on my baby bump and play photog while I open presents and soak up all the attention.

|| Ashley || Stephanie ||

Ones who have been by my side since college and can't wait to see Lucie join in the fun with their own little ones.

 Ones that shower us with precious gifts and love.

 Ones that make sure that each and every decoration was perfectly personalized for Lucie and me, including baby pics of Reid and me, monograms and my fave childhood book.

|| Cake || 

|| Amazing Cookies || 

To my sweet SIL and Bestie, thank you to the moon and back for hosting the sweetest shower celebrating Lucie and me. You two make me smile everyday!

And thank you to Stephanie, who even with a boot on her foot, captured most of these photos.

A special congrats goes out to Erin E. for winning the stunning Lark studs from Made!
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  1. What a pretty shower! I'm jealous of your dress - you've found some great ones throughout your pregnancy!

  2. So pretty! So sorry that I had to miss it and so jealous that you had a friend like Stephanie to take such pretty photos! Also, almost wore the same dress as your SIL to my little man's birthday party. Great minds think alike! Love seeing Lucie's monogram in action!

  3. All the details look so perfect and lovely! I especially love the cake and the banner. Your best friend and sister in law did a great job!

  4. The details for this shower were gorgeous!! You my friend are glowing and of course Lucie is already loved so dearly because your friends love her momma so much!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Had the best time celebrating you and baby L. Can't wait to see her IRL so soon, xoxo

  6. Looks like a wonderful time with great friends- Lucie will be in good company :)

  7. Awwww! Beautiful pictures! Congratulations for Lucie!

  8. Aww what sweet friends and family you and Lucie have! Looks like y'all had fun :)

  9. Such a beautiful shower! Can't believe she'll be here SO soon! :)

  10. So loved! So happy for you this is such a special time! Way to go Steph for rocking that sexy boot!

  11. awhhh you are the cutest!!! And you are glowing with your cute bump! What an awesome mom & sil to throw such a cute shower for you. :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  12. looks like the perfect day! i love the personalized cookies :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. Such a vibrant and girly baby shower it was. And this is my first time reading your blog and absolutely loved it. Everyone looked fabulous in this bash. I hope that my sister’s rainbow themed baby shower is also going to be super successful. I would be hosting this bash at the local home studios NYC.

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