Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I won't regret my 30's

So we all know I turned the big 3-0 in August and am currently embarking on yet another decade of my life. A decade that I am genuinely excited about. Partly because I feel like I have some things figured out in this crazy world but mostly because I feel settled, ready to take on anything.

This is a huge paradigm shift from my usual crazy approach to life.  I am a most certainly a worry wort, and if you know me personally you are probably shaking your head up and down with a ridiculous look on your face in complete agreement with that fact. 

I borrowed this pic from Stephanie's blog- it was the only pic I could find that makes me look pensive, like I am thinking about life or something...
When I turned 29, I remember feeling an instant flood of emotions: excitement, fear, peace, nausea, contentment and nervousness... the list could probably go on and on. I was proud of the life I made but nervous at the same time - did I accomplish all that I wanted to, would I have regrets? Would I be crazy not to have regrets?  Will I make a mistake?  Aren't my past mistakes the very reason why I am the person I am today? 

ugh, I need to just shut up. 

I tend let this worry consume me and get all hung up on the weirdest crap. But I am working on that, for realz. 

 I recently came across this article called "11 Things You'll Regret In Your Thirties" and instantly thought it was written specifically for me. 

Read the article... 

go ahead, I will wait.

now, tell me it doesn't ring true? 

This article is something that I find myself reading often because it is the kick in the pants I need. It just really puts things into perspective for me. 

and here is my perspective:
I work really hard everyday at work and give my job the best of me sometimes. I need to give my husband the best of me too. I see my parents on a regular basis but I don't truly spend quality time with them. Sitting on the couch in the same room with them does not count. I care about what other people think even though I really don't want to. The older I get the more this seems to dissipate. Reid and I are taking every opportunity to travel and be semi-newlyweds before we start a family. Speaking of starting a family, this sorta scares the bejesus out of me. I am really proud of where we are in life but can't help but what wonder what the future will bring. I am thankful everyday for my family and friends even though I may not show it. 

It makes me feel really good that I can admit to all of that. This perspective of mine is ever changing and evolving. Some days I might not be able to be as honest or as sappy, it all depends on what mood strikes.

Long story short, I am just putting it out there that I will not regret my 30's. I refuse to look back and say I wish I had done this or that. This "regret" is a frame of mind in my opinion and if you try to make the best of every moment what is there to regret?

I will get off my soap box now because I have a million things to accomplish today. We are headed back up north tomorrow to Boston.....

wish me luck!



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  1. That's a great mindset - it's how I want to feel about life, not just my thirties. Not that I'm there yet. I am a huge worry wart as well, something I need to work on!

  2. LOVE this post. I can totally relate! I'm not quite 30 yet (but it's approaching so quickly) and I've really been thinking about the value of my time and relationships yet. I keep thinking about that country song, "My Next 30 Years," and how that always used to seem so far off... but it's not anymore! Yikes.

  3. I'm a worrier too and I'm silently freaking out about almost being 30, but this is a great article and it definitely helps hearing all of that! I've been getting better about going with the flow instead of freaking out about things, I think its a process and won't happen overnight so don't worry! Have fun in Boston!!

  4. I love this and that article! 30's will rock for you! xoxo looks good on ya already :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this - I tend to over analyze everything and worry about the tiniest things too!! Need to shake that real quick!! Your 30's are going to be amazing as are you!

  6. yes!! im glad you are embracing the next chapter of your life! i think our 30s are going to be great. it's wonderful you are being optimistic about the future. oxox

  7. Great post! My 30s are way better than my 20s and I've learned not to give a hoot about people that don't mean anything to me. You will enjoy your 30s, I'm sure of it.

  8. Thank you so much for finding that article!! As a newly turned 30 year old (still crazy to say!) those were some good reminders!


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