Tuesday, October 28, 2014

lusting lately

At any given time, I have about 5-10 items that I am completely lusting over.

Meet 6 of them below.

This tote.
I have been eyeing this beauty for a while. Even reached out to a few other bloggers who have it and the response is all the same. Obsessed. I think I need it in my life.
hint hint honey - this would make a great Christmas present.

These pants.
I saw Annie rocking these cuties in her percious timer assited family pics and just fell in love. I really think they could be dressed up with some great heals or down with boots or flats. So versatile and fun. Who doesn't love polka dots? and they are on sale - win!

This dress.
I popped into Anthro the other day and spotted this from across the store. It was sorta like love at frist sight. The soft, textured, comfy fabric just lured me in. I love the unstructured style of the dress too.  No restricting belts or waist to get in the way makes this the perfect Thanksgiving attire.

This cape.
ok, what do y'all think? Honestly, I really wonder if I could rock a cape. I think if I could rock one at all it would for sure be this one. It seems to be such a classic and so mature. Maybe I need that in my life - who knows?

This blazer.
Let's all take a moment and swoon over this blazer. How sweet would this be with some great jeans and a statement necklace? It would be just perfect for a date night with you bestie girl or guy.

This necklace.
And speaking of necklaces, I love this one. I want to throw it on with just a plain black shirt and jeans or a lbd and heels. I mean, just how much fun is this lovely?

The Voice.
This season is amazing.
That is all.

What are you lusting after these days?

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  1. I love all of your picks girl!! I almost bought those polka dot pants and am regretting my decision! And that blazer is perfection- and a steal! xo

  2. Such great picks!! I really love that anthro dress - I'm really into grey lately!! That H&M jacket is so versatile - it's a need!!

  3. Ah that blazer is perfection! And those pants! Can't wait til I can wear normal clothes again and snatch those things up! :)

  4. Love that blazer!!! What a great find! That tote is perfect for fall too!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Love that blazer..I'm lusting for a new one too!

  6. oh yes that tote please, and the dress. ok once of each.

  7. Love that necklace!! Such a great list!


  8. OK, so I love the tote and for some reason thought you were getting one a while ago. Also, love the cape! But can't seem to get the link for the blazer to work. Just keeps sending me to the cape. Am I the only one? Seems that way. So odd, but if you picked it out, I am sure it is super cute!

  9. Well now I'm lusting over that tote too haha.


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