Friday, October 24, 2014

I made it to Friday.

Well friends I made it to Friday with only a couple bags under my eyes.


This has been a week for the books to say the least. 

If you followed along on insta, please let me first apologize. 
I am sorry.
 I know I posted a million pictures of amazing lights. 
I could not help myself.
There were just too many and they all needed to be highlighted.
I hope you did not mind too much!

 High Point Market was awesome and tiring all at the same time. I am so glad we went and that my amazing group decided to make this a yearly trip. It is so beneficial to be able to see the latest trends and merchandising ideas. Makes me want to tear apart every showroom and just start over.
 But I digress, per usual. 

As soon as I got home on Wednesday, I  zoomed off to pick up my nephew Palmer. His parents are in San Fran enjoying some much needed alone time. So the little bug is staying with his Auntie and Uncle Reid until we hand him off to his other set of A&U's this evening. Let me tell is certainly different getting an opinionated two and a half year old ready in the morning instead of just worrying about yourself. I lost all track of the time both mornings and P may have had a slight fit about putting on his coat both days. But when his little face lights up and gives you that larger than life smile and tells you just how much he loves you, all is forgiven.

I decided this morning, while playing on the floor at P's daycare (because he did not want me to leave) that these moments are truly precious and these simple little memories are the ones I want Palmer to take with him as he grows. I am honestly truly thankful that we got this time with P this week. Seeing Reid play and joke around with Palmer warmed my heart and just shows what kind of dad he will make one day....a truly spectacular one.

We love being this little peanut's (and his baby sista's) Auntie and Uncle Weed so much!

Well, that's all for me today loves.

Have a "Spook"tacular  weekend!
(this was the theme at P's daycare this week) 



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  1. aww he is such a cutie. you're so right, its the little things that matter and we want to remember, i'm sure he'll have fond memories of you all as he gets older!


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