Thursday, October 9, 2014

so this book sucks

yea, I said it.

And please don't chastise me for telling y'all that I just did not like Gone Girl.
 It is just my honest opinion.

The beginning was fine, it had potential. The middle was ehh and I hated the ending.

I made myself finish it at the beach this summer. Everyone was blogging about it so I just had to get on the band wagon. And I just could not get into it. I tried - really I did. I tried skipping a couple chapters, just to see if it got any better. Then I flipped to the last chapter, hated the ending but was so lost, had to go back and read the rest so I could move on with my life.


 I have been looking for a book to review for quite sometime and nothing has struck my fancy.
Other than the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, now they will knock your socks off if you like Fifty Shades of Gray...holy cow.

And what is with all these book turning into movies?

I picked up If I Stay this past weekend in the airport and read the whole thing on the way back from Boston. It was fine, a nice quick read. I would recommend it for sure. And I guess I will read the sequel. As for the movie, I will have to wait till Reid is out of the house to rent that one....he would not be into it.

AND I recently saw the trailer for The Best of Me, a Nicholas Sparks book which I read about a month ago and maybe it is just me, but it did not resemble the book at all. I also recently ended my 4 year hiatus of Nicholas Spark reading, a girl can only cry but so much. Sorta over that style too.

But I digress... this post is really about the fact that I have read several books lately and felt like they all are just blah.

I truly love to read, in fact sometimes I am obsessed with it. I often stay up until the wee hours of the night just to finish a book that I picked up that evening. My husband thinks I am nuts, but I just can't help it. I get so caught up in books, especially sagas, that I will read the entire thing, then pick it up and read it all over again. Yea I guess I am nuts - it's confirmed.

So help a sista out and throw some good reads my way, pretty please. Ones that are not turning into major motion pictures.
I am just over it.

I am ready for my next big obsession in book reading.

Till tomorrow loves.



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  1. i loved Gone Girl! but it's not for everyone. i really reallllly didnt like If I stay. It was so boring and dragged on! ah well. xo jillian

  2. I read the crossfire series too - and the writing was so much better than 50 shades!! I actually just realized that I haven't finished the series woo hoo!! I just finished gone girl and I think for me I knew who the characters in the movie were so I pictured them while reading so it made it more enjoyable for me...

  3. I really didn't love Gone Girl either. I didn't think I would but I read it anyway. It had potential and was ok but ugh. Not a fan. I abandoned Best of Me a few years ago, couldn't get into it and the trailer didn't look like what I remembered. Haven't read crossfire series, but I did read If I Stay - don't read the sequel, it might ruin If I Stay for you. I don't know why, the sequel just made me annoyed at both books. I recently finished a series (well finished whats out, there's a new book coming out next year) called the Lunar Chronicles which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  4. I've abandoned the hope of finding any good books out right now and I just re-read what I already have in my Kindle if I'm in the mood to read. Except that's getting kind of old now...

  5. You might like The Paris Wife which is about Hemingway and his first wife and their life in Paris when he was just starting out. I think I grabbed it at Target for some percent off. Thanks for sharing about Gone Girl! Strike that from the list...

  6. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending of Gone Girl either. I still want to see the movie because the book was crazy so Im interested to see how they did with the movie. I read If I Stay and I was not happy with the preview of the second book (that was in the first) so I will not be reading the second! Unless you say it's good then maybe I'll give it a shot. I read The Best of Me last year and I don't remember anything about it... must not have been that great? Either that or just all of Nicholas Sparks' books are mixing together for me! Let me know if you find anything good!

    <3, Pamela


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