Thursday, October 2, 2014

fall finds

So, I have scored some really fun and semi well priced fall fashion in prep for our tour de northern cities. Because we are doing so much traveling around, my number one must have for my non work clothing is for them to be comfy but not make me look like I am wearing a burlap sack.

For work, I basically have a uniform....a dress paired with leggins or tights. I love to wear dresses because you only have to put one article of clothing in the mornings. Most mornings, I am just too lazy to fiddle with an entire thank you my dear. So when I see a good work dress, I snatch it up!

I think you might see a slight trend in my color selection for this fall and I have a question....
is BLACK back? I am totally into this black, white and gray mix that is going on but that may be a topic for a whole other blog post?

Here's what I gotz to show you:

This striped chiffon top.
I am really diggin it. It is so soft and forgiving, making the perfect choice for Sunday errands. I ended up getting this little gal in a size larger than I normally wear because I wanted it to cover my behind should I choose to throw it on with some leggins.

These soft leggin jeans.
Yes, you heard me right, leggin jeans, which are not to be confused with jeggins. I have then in navy and now black and boy oh boy do I love them. They have a great little stretch to them and are super soft. They're made from real pants material, not straight up cotton. Plus, they make your butt look good and when you bend over you don't have to worry about showing people something they don't want to see. 

This sweatshirt.
Ok....I will admit it, the price is high for what looks to be a worn in sweatshirt but believe me, one feel of this fabric and you will be living in this sucker. It is comfy to the max. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am loving everything that this series by Loft has to offer - make sure to check it out!

This awesome work appropriate dress.
I wore this yesterday and got a ton of compliments. I never shop at Dillards, in fact most department stores make me break out in hives, too many things all in one spot, but I happened to stroll in there looking for a dress to wear to this weekend (see below). This little number literally jumped out and yelled "buy me, I have pockets!" I love the Aztec pattern and the back is sorta sexy. You can definitely dress this up with a accent belt and heels or down with some leggins and boots. 

This dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner this weekend.
I like a dress with sleeves. I really do.....mainly because I am still self conscious about my underarm bs but also, I think its sorta classy. The fit of this dress is great for my body type and I know I could eat a real dinner in it without feeling like a stuffed sausage after. The cut of this dress is almost exactly the same as the one above, but I don't care. I know what works on me and what I feel most comfortable, plus the belt on this makes it look more dressy.

enough about me, what have you been loving this fall?
 any great new finds I need to check out?

Make sure to follow along on insta as this weekend promises to be a crazy one filled with a quick trip to Boston and a Rhode Island wedding...I am already tired just thinking about it!



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  1. That striped top is so pretty! Stripes are my go to for fall!

  2. Love all of your finds! That striped top is perfect... love!

    <3, Pamela

  3. that striped top is perfect.
    i need to find more work appropriate dresses, because you're right, so simple in the mornings to just grab one thing and go.


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