Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Planner Wars

While I am off gallivanting around High Point Market, I need your help:

I need a new planner.

There are many things in my life that I say I need but in reality, I really, really, really just want them.

Then that want turns into pining and then I break down and buy it.

But this is different....

 I really need a new 2015 planner.

A daily planner.

One as big as they came come.

with a cute front cover and monthly tabs.

and I am just not finding anything I love.

 btw....why is that?
When I am actually ready to spend money on something, I cannot find anything I want.


Back to planners.
Here are the contenders for what appears to be an epic planner battle on blogs.

Emily Ley's Simplified Planner 


Whitney English's Day Designer

What do y'all know about these two gals?
Fill me in.

Right now, the Day Designer {DD} seems to fit my needs the most, although I prefer the layout and look of the Simplified Planner {SP}. The DD has a longer section of space for "to-do" and since I write very large and messy, ample space is key. I truly do appreciate the simplistic nature of the SP. The DD has weird boxes for random little notes but maybe I could learn to use them and be more organized. Also, I should mention that I plan on using this planner for work and play. I am just tired of lugging around my ugly, black, Franklin planner. Yucko.

What do you think?
Can I make this transition from two pages a day to just one?
Help me decide pretty please!

thanks and mwah!



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  1. They are both so pretty! I currently am lusting after the day designer! I just love all those little boxes!


  2. they are both so pretty! i use a tiny planner compared to that, i do love the idea of a full page for a day, can't see why I'd need more than that, but if you're currently on 2.. i dont know! lol

  3. I vote for the Emily Ley! I think her stuff is so cute and simple :)


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