Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When South Went North.


Maine was perfect.

Everything about this past weekend was truly special, amazing and relaxed.

I cannot tell you how nice it was to reconnect with our dear friends Stephanie and Justin, and finally meet their new little peanut, Gray. And boy was I was smitten with Gray from the moment I slid in to the car next to him. If you follow along on insta, I would assume you already knew that last tidbit of info.

Our hosts were amazing and gave us the perfect Maine adventure. In fact, to me the highlight of the trip was that there was no pressure and no judgment. No pressure to be anywhere at a certain time or to put an outfit on. No judgement when we came home and immediately put pjs on or accidentally drank two bottles of wine. I owe this highlight to the great friendship that lives between us and our gracious hosts. I was over the moon excited to spend some time with my old roomy and so tickled to see our husbands reunite. For a better insight on our star crossed past, check out Steph's post from yesterday....

Ok, and who knew Maine was this beautiful? not that this girl!

 I was just so not prepared for the colors this state has to offer this time of year. The leaves are the most vibrant reds, golds, and oranges you have ever seen. And the sky...it is an indescribable color of blue. It honestly puts a Carolina blue sky to absolute shame. Oh, and the weather, it was perfect, and at moments quite warm. We simply could not have asked for anything better.

oh gosh....the food was also amazing. Stephanie stole my heart away upon arrival when we were immediately whisked away to the most divine hole in the wall named the Eagles Nest. Lobster rolls with glorious butter and fried fish sandwiches drenched in malt vinegar completely hit the spot after a morning of travel. It did not stop there as the rest of the weekend was filled with even more no judgment foods consisting of wings, pizza, more fried food and one more stop at the Eagles Nest for a lobster omelet.

I took sooo many photos and had such a hard time choosing my favs to share. I guess that's what happens with you put two friends/bloggers together for the weekend.

Grab a coffee and settle in for what's about to happen.

And just in case you were wondering what happens when two bloggers go up a mountain together?
This pic of Stephanie pretty much sums it up.

We hold canned mimosas in one hand and our big DSLR cameras in the other. We take too many pictures of each other because normally the only other people around are our husbands, and we all know how they feel about taking pics for the blog. And maybe we wear outfits that are so not suitable for mountain climbing. About 2.5 seconds after this pic was taken, I saw a snake and ran across this mountain top shrieking like a little girl. true story. 

We truly had a magnificent time with this little family and feel so blessed to have traveled way up North to see them and get some good Gray snuggles in.

till next time loves!



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  1. SO JEALOUS!! I would absolutely love to visit Maine especially this time of the year when the leaves are changing!! So fun!

  2. OMG My grandparents lived in Northeast Harbor so I spent every summer as a kid in Bar Harbor. 4th of July there was amazing! Maine is absolutely gorgeous... just too cold for me! You're definitely making me want to go back to visit soon though!

    <3, Pamela

  3. This looks like a blast and Maine is absolutely beautiful!! It's crazy that they're already having so much fall foliage up there and we have to wait til November. Glad y'all had a great time! xoxo

  4. Love all of your photos, the colors are so gorgeous there! Looks like y'all had an amazing weekend. And now I want some lobster rolls...

  5. What a perfect trip!! Maine really is beautiful and how fun you were able to meet little Gray too!!

  6. Oh my goodness gorgeous pictures!! I would love to go there. I think you picked the perfect time of year!


  7. Maine looks so gorgeous, it's one of the only states I've never been too and I'm dying to visit!

  8. just reading about the snake made me want to run screaming!! the pictures are beautiful and looks like you had an amazing time :)

  9. One of the things I miss about living in Massachusetts is that we would travel to Maine every Summer. Seriously isn't it the most beautiful place? Those trees turning are so beautiful!


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