Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Fashion Essentials

I just love fall. 

It has got to be my most favorite time of year.  

This week the weather in Richmond was divine. The slight crisp in the air and chilly mornings was just the perfect reminder to unpack my winter clothes, dust off the Frye boots and dig my favorite pair of leggins out of my dresser.  Let's not forget to mention that Reid and I are headed WAY up North tomorrow, to Maine.....and I don't think Jack Rogers will fair well up in the 30 and 40 degree nights. 

Enter my fall essentials. 
Fall Essentials


So, I really don't like to wear pants...well jeans specifically. I really prefer leggins or tights with a comfy dress and boots. But some activities just call for a causal look....  please let me introduce you to my new friend Paige. These jeans are a new obsession of mine because they feel like heaven. I know, they are pricey, but these classics will treat you right for a long time. This particular pair is great! Since they are ankle length skinnies, they are perfect for flats or boots. Plus, they make your butt look amazing. Oh, if you are in need of a good pair of fair priced leggins that promise not to be see through when you bend over...check these ladies out. anyone else loving the Lou & Grey collection from Loft? Everything is so soft and perfect for the colder temps! 


Still super in love with my Tieks. In fact, I am about to invest in another pair - any color recommendations? This camel color has been fantastic. It is dark enough to wear with blacks or browns. So versatile!  Also, I need a good pair of camel booties. I really am loving this pair from Sole Society. Never ordered from them but hear great reviews from other bloggers. 


It's all about the layers, and boy do I love pack them on. This was Stephanie's advice for dressing in Maine this weekend. I am super cold by nature so I always have a vest, scarf or over-sized sweater laying around. I am loving my Barbour vest and find it so surprising warm and just perfect for fall weather. Pair that with a classic button down shirt and a tank top and you are ready for anything. 


I just like to keep it simple. With so many articles of clothing to keep up with in the fall (vest, scarf, sweater etc), who has time to keep up with jewelry too? I opt for a great pair of timeless posts and a simple bracelet, something small, that is easy to slip under your sweater as you pull it on and off. If you want to add a pop of color or spice to your outfit, add a fabulous scarf! It will serve double duty and you will not have to waste time finding that perfect statement necklace. 

There you have it folks, my fall fashion essentials. Some of these are wish list items, some I own and some I own multiples of. Versions of these also happen to be what is currently packed in my suitcase for our early early flight to Bangor, Maine. The only reason to wake up at 4am is to be traveling somewhere fantastic, and we are pretty excited about this trip. 

Make sure to follow along with us as we venture up North today! 

Love y'all!



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  1. LOVE all of it!! I'm still not convinced that Florida will really ever get a fall, so I'll just have to live through you for the moment. Enjoy your trip to Maine!

  2. so many great picks! fall is my favorite too -- i really want a pair of burgundy tieks! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I keep pretending like it's fall here and dressing in layers but its still so hot out! I want those Tieks SO bad! Have an amazing trip to Maine!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Layering is the best way to go in the fall, especially when you're dealing with daytime temps that are warm enough for shorts & evening temps that are cool enough for a jacket. This in between weather is a pain! Have fun in Maine this weekend! I'll have to have a drink for all of y'all while I'm tailgating on Saturday :)

  5. I love the layering idea, especially in the South because it can be chilly in the morning and then 75 degrees by lunch! I really need a pair of those booties! Have tons of fun on your trip!!


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