Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lighting Favs!

Happy Wednesday loves! 

Reid and I are in a holding pattern on our departure for the Outer Banks of North Carolina due to the arrival of the first big storm of the season....Arthur. We were planning on taking off this afternoon but with the bad weather looming, we are going to make a game time decision later this afternoon. Ugh, epic fail.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse of what I do everyday at work. One of my responsibilities at my company is to handle all of the lighting selections for our local showrooms. This is one of my favorite aspects of my job, as I am allowed full creative authority on new display lighting.  

People ask me all the time, 
"What is your favorite light fixture?" 
"What is your go to lighting brand?"
"What lights are in style right now?"

There are no easy answers to any of the above questions and this is the reason I love lighting so much. 

Lighting is very personal and I have found people have very specific opinions on what they like and what they don't like. I love the "wow" moment when you just know that a light is perfect for your space. The the main challenge in designing displays is trying to capture everyone's style preference in a single showroom and moving past my own taste. 

Lighting manufactures have really stepped up their game this year with their product offerings. There are so many fun trends in lighting at the moment and am loving every single one. 

These are just a few of my favorites!
two toned light fixtures 
modern crystal
nautical meet, industrial 
classic chic
gold tones are coming back!

The fixtures below are the ones that kept catching my eye as I flipping through the many catalogs in my office. I wish I had a house big enough to use every single one in some capacity!

Lighting Favs July 2014

Lighting is like the jewelry of your home and can turn any ordinary space in to an extraordinary one with the change of a fixture. 

Which one is your favorite? 



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Disclaimer:  These opinions are all my own. Virginia Sweet receives no sort of compensation for this post or for the products listed.  I do not claim any ownership on these pictures and all are linked back to the original source. If you want to use them, please remember to site them. Thanks!  


  1. OMG I love all of these! The lighting can make such a HUGE difference in a house! From just the look of it to the lighting it gives off. I totally get your love of lighting! I need to save some of these for when I get a house!

    <3, Pamela

  2. (oh my gosh our OBX trip can't come soon enough!) ps I adore your job! We still haven't picked an entry way/foyer light so I may be coming to you for advice in the near future again! xoxo

  3. I am so bad with lighting, I should be more on top of it but I'm like, that can wait, something bigger first, you know? i love the square one with the stuff in the middle haha.

  4. Such a fun job!! I love the lantern style light that has the black box shape with the funky bulbs inside! I have been wanting a Moravian Star light FOREVER and also really want some sort of lantern style light for our kitchen!

  5. AHHH, I am so happy I found your blog through the Thought for Thursday hop. We are weeks away from moving into our newly built home and I think the lighting that we picked out is my favorite. I love kitchler. Your thoughts for lighting is awesome. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and following along with you. Congrats on your pregnancy as well.


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