Monday, July 21, 2014


Happy Monday y'all!
 I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty low key since I had to work on Saturday. We had a great dinner with friends on Friday and Sunday night and then dinner and a movie date with just us on Saturday. We saw the movie Chef and I highly recommend it.

I thought I would switch things up today and throw a bunch of truths out about yours truly.

Here we go!

Truth. I binge clean every other Monday night, right before the cleaning people arrive on Tuesday, or right before we have guests over. 

Truth. I am so indecisive that sometimes I procrastinate to the point where the decision is moot or Reid gets frustrated and just makes it. 

Truth. I hate wearing jeans, they are just so uncomfortable in my opinion. 

Truth. I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but hardly eat it. 

Truth. Most of my Pandora stations are Broadway musicals....and I can sing most of them from start to finish by memory. 

Truth. When I am out and get tired, I shut down socially and want to go home right then and there. 

Truth. After I shower each morning I immediately get back in bed, which causes me to be habitually late for work. 

Truth. I have the best of intentions to send birthday cards and thank you notes but sometimes I forget. 

Truth. I cry at every single one of those Sheryl Crow rescue the animals commercials. 

Truth. I call my mother pretty much every day. 

Truth. I am a bit of a hypochondriac. 

Truth. I have approximately 1 million DIY projects about a third of the way done stashed in my attic. 

Truth. I have re-read the entire Twilight saga 5 times and I am sorry I am not sorry. 

Truth. Team Edward forever. 

Truth. I need to know what everyone else is getting at a restaurant prior to making my selection. 

Truth. My husband cooks and cleans the kitchen more than I do. 

Truth. I would be lost without him. 

Truth. I have like 15 drafts for blog posts that I can not bring myself to finish. 

Truth. We treat our dogs like children.

Truth. Every Monday I tell myself, today is the day I will start working never happens.

Truth. I become so obsessed with TV couples and like to Google research them in real life...current obsession...Jim and Pam from the office.

Truth. Virginia Sweet has been a lot harder than I thought but I love it thank you all my lovely readers!

I think is a pretty good list for today, what do you think?

Chat with y'all Wednesday!



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  1. Love this! I'm seriously indecisive too... it's bad. And I've definitely read the Twilight Saga multiple times... #sorrynotsorry but I hate the movies.

    <3, Pamela

  2. my husband is a MUCH better cook than i am...nothing wrong with that! xo jillian - stop by cornflake dreams, I'm hosting a giveaway! 

  3. i love this! I binge clean about half an hour before anyone comes over. luckily I have 3 floors so it is easy to keep the bottom one in decent condition and hardly anyone ever goes to the other 2!


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