Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Impromptu Backyard Cookout

Hey Loves!

 Long time, no chat huh?

Last week was a little cra cra... I came down with a minor sinus infection on Tuesday/Wednesday which I may or may not have been really just a little dramatic about. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it ended up being and I just did not have time to be sick last week. I just took a ton of over the counter meds and flushed that nasty bug out of my system just in time for my company's semi annual physical inventory.

I honestly don't mind inventory. It is a great time to work with awesome associates from other parts of our business. So, I happily gave Thursday, all day Friday, and Saturday morning to the enterprise but you better believe that I took full advantage of what was left of my weekend.

 Reid's parents were in town briefly this weekend, so why not throw an impromptu backyard cookout?

My parents, my Aunt Tricia, my brother, SIL, and their kids, our other "dink" friends Anna and Jeremy and Reid's parents enjoyed the amazing weather, delicious food and even better company.

Enjoy the pics below of our fun event!

Wine spritzer bar anyone?
"Who you looking at?"
Uncle Reid and Libbie wore coordinating outfits and it made mt heart swoon.
Palmer and Mr. Jeremy having no fun at all... sike!

This kid is a natural! 

Reid and I are off to the Outerbanks tomorrow with the fam for the rest of the week! Can't wait to bring you all along on the adventure!



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  1. Oh no!! Glad you're feeling better now! I was sick like two weeks ago. Not fun. Love your impromptu bbq! Mine would not be this cute... I think I need to step up my game!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I gotta say, that's one good looking cornhole board :)

  3. Your "impromptu" cookout looks totally organized, festive, and fun :) love all your cute party supplies! I am a firm believer in unplanned parties.... any occasion is a good occasion!

  4. Looks like the PERFECT night! Love your wine spritzer bar and your niece and nephew are adorable!


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