Thursday, July 17, 2014

mail's here!

Oh hey you.

I came home to the most exciting mail parcel yesterday...
 my very first Ipsy shipment had arrived!

 I recently realized two things: I do nothing on a regular basis to update my current makeup collection (Ashley would be so ashamed of my one small bag), and I generally do not wear makeup because I am lazy/not a morning person. I basically only wear it when we are going out to dinner with friends, or I have an important meeting at work, or a special event.

Seeing that I am almost 30 and believe that I do look better with a little mascara, bronzer and blush, I decided to make a change. I needed a way to re-introduce myself to makeup again and be able to try different things before I committed to a specific product.

why hello monthly subscription program, so nice to meet you!

I looked at all the different options out there, Birchbox, Ipsy etc and after seeking the advice of my personal beauty adviser (Ashley), I decided on Ipsy. They just seem to have the best mix of products and who doesn't love those little glam bags?

My first impression of the exterior packaging's precious and pink and so girly and I love it already, no matter what is inside.
  Maybe I am easily impressed.

The bag was easy to pull apart. I love it when extra tools are not needed to get inside a mail package, don't you? Instant gratification.

Here is what I found inside!


Pop Beauty Sunkised Bronzer, Secret Sunshine
I am pumped about this little gal. I love a good bronzer and this one looks to be so natural.

Healthy Sexy Hair, Soy Renewal Beach Spray
How did Ipsy know that I was headed to the beach in jut a few short weeks? This will be perfect!

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
Duh! See above. Anything to help this pale girl get a tan is a.o.k in my book!

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm, Pretty Pink
I tried it on last night and love it. It is just tinted enough and light enough for everyday wear. This one is going in the purse for sure!

Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Shadow, Sweet Spice
This color looks to be a little dark but the consistency of the cream shadow is perfection. I think I will enjoy using this when I am getting fancy.

Overall, I am excited about my subscription to Ipsy and plan to keep it for a couple months, then re-evaluate. The great thing about this company is that you can cancel at anytime. The only thing I found annoying is that you have to pretty much sell your soul to get off the waiting list for your first bag. I had to share on my FB page and all that jazz, but hey, everyone is trying to play this social medial game right? (insert plug for everyone reading to follow me on gfcbloglovininstagram and pinterest...haha)

If you are interested in joining the Ipsy club - check this link out.

Till tomorrow beauties!



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  1. Let us know how that beach spray works out! I have always wondered!

  2. Thank you! I have officially signed up! :)

  3. so cute! i love the little pink bag it came in. i signed up, but was on the wait list and then i decided i didnt really need to get new things every month so i un-signed up. boo!

  4. That pink packaging is TOO cute! Love it! I think I might have to make the switch to Ipsy next month...

    <3, Pamela

  5. I am so not a morning person but I do give myself enough time to wear makeup! Eek I would look like a hot mess express in the morning without it!

  6. i have ipsy too and have had it for several months. some bags are better than others, but overall - i like it!

  7. Loveee the pink packaging! so so cute. might be signing up for Ipsy! xo

  8. Not a big fan of this month's ipsy sadly :( But the pouch is super cute haha! Have you tried Vain Pursuits btw? Would love to hear what you have to say abt them!

    1. I'm not a big fan of this Ipsy either! What's Vain Pursuits?


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