Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Commitment issues.... Lighting

Y'all, I must confess....

I was having major commitment issues on selecting lighting for our home. I love helping associates and clients select their dream lighting but when it came time to do it for myself, I couldn't do it. When we bought our home, the most exciting part for me was the potential to order new lights....but I just could not commit to anything! I get asked all the time "what light fixtures do you have in your house? They must be amazing!" NO, the sad reality is that most of my light fixtures are circa 1990 and ugly worn brass because I could not make my mind up! UGH

I don't know how many light fixtures I sent to Reid before we landed on the design below. Honestly, I think he gave in because he was tired of me being so indecisive and just wanted me to stop talking about it.... hmmmm what a clever husband!

Anywho, the lights are all in and I have the electricians scheduled for Thursday to hang these gems! I think my selections really embody the look I was trying to achieve:
 inspired industrial meets crisp colonial

Want to see my final selections?

 Of course you do!

Breakfast Room and Side Entrance
{see the space here}


Dining Room
{see the space here}


Landing downstairs
Landing upstairs

 Phew,  glad my lighting commitment issues can be put to rest and I am sooooo ready to see these babies installed! I am dying to know what you think and don't worry, I will def post a before and after next week to give you the full affect.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


ps...today I am linking up with Kim at Seven Thirty Three for her Inspire me Wednesday!


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