Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's play catch up!

Happy Monday Loves!

Thank you so much for the sweet notes and positive attitudes about my arm pit woes. What a warm welcome back to Virginia Sweet. After re-reading my previous post, I realized that not all was doom and gloom over the last 5 months. Why don't I  catch you up on the marvelous happenings during my hiatus?

 A new job for me!
This was taken in October when I started my position
My company has provided me with the most wonderful opportunities both professionally and personally. In October, the enterprise let me check off a major career goal and offered me the Lighting Manager position for our Richmond branches. I have been working towards this position for most of my career as lighting is a true passion of mine. It is such a blessing to wake up everyday and love what you do... not very many people get to say that!

 Palmer Nash is two! 

 My handsome and charismatic nephew Palmer turned two this month...time has just flown by with this little man. He brings such love and joy to our life. Palmer is full blown talking these days and of course it melts our heart when he says Auntie and Uncle Reid (it comes out more like Hauntie and Uncle Weed which is so stinkin cute!). He is in to cars, trains, soccer and his new baby sister. That's right! We have another little bundle of joy to spoil! What a grand year for my brother and his wife. I could not be happier for this family.

Meet Miss Libbie Jane

Introducing our new niece, Miss Elizabeth "Libbie" Jane. She made her entrance into the world earlier this month and is really something else y'all!  So sweet, feminine, beautiful, peaceful and she smells just like a newborn should - devine. My father is convinced she looks like me when I was born, which again, melts my heart. I am just in love with her little hands!

I am sure you are reading this and thinking, "Caroline, have a baby of your own already!" Don't worry, babies are def on our horizon just not right this second. We are having too much fun being Auntie and Uncle Reid at the moment! 

 Not only were my bro and his wife busy this year expanding their family, my friends seem to have followed suit. Reid and I are the president and CEO of the Richmond chapter of DINKS (dual income no kids) and loving that we get to spend time with everyone else's babies! My college besties have been blessed with new babies of their own and our get togethers are full of rubbing bellies, passing babies around, mocktails and me drinking. Even Reid's friends are getting in on the action (pun intended). We could not be happier for our friends and look forward to what the future holds!

We made it a year!!!
Check out my  wedding pictures here!
Reid and I toasted to our first year of marriage this past December - whooohooo! To celebrate, we spent a relaxing, snowy weekend in the inner harbor of Baltimore. Great food, a wonderful inn and a handsome husband are the makings for a perfect get away right before the Christmas crazy. 

Writing this post makes me smile and excited to tackle this cold and gray Monday. I am thankful for all the wonderful things that grace my life everyday.  What are you thankful for this Monday?




  1. Love this! You are so sweet and charming! Glad you are getting back to your old self! XOXO!


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