Monday, April 27, 2015

Summer Family Room Reset

Nesting is a real thing during the 2nd trimester and my mind has been running on overdrive thinking of ways to update our little house without breaking the bank.

The first thing on my list is our family room.

It's in need of a refresh, stat.

I am really ashamed to admit that I still have my burlap deer pillows rocking on the couch.
Something needs to be done about that or my husband will take matters in to his own hands.
And that would be a scary thought... aka Clemson throw pillows and footballs on the mantel.

I knew I wanted to keep things light, crisp and fresh with the reset.
Our family room is the only living space in our entire house and serves a ton of purposes.
I need it to be causal, classic and comfy.

wanna see what I have up my sleeve?

Summer Family Room Reset

I had pillows made a couple years ago, similar to these in the oasis color, that I needed to work in and decided that pairing them with these dotted beauties, would give me just the little touch of classic I was looking for. Due to my husband's love of Clemson, I also have some orange accents throughout the house and thought the colors in this fish pillow work swimmingly with the rest of the collection.
I am waiting for the next sale to grab that bad boy...

I've had my eye on this print from the Minted Art Marketplace for some time and this little refresh gave me the perfect excuse to pull the trigger and finally buy the damn thing.
I plan to stick this baby above the fireplace and stare at it all the time.

My collection of clear glass will get dusted off and placed around the room. I plan to fill them with fresh flowers or just leave them alone.
Less is more right?

Loving this gold tray, I need a catch all on the coffee table and this little dude will be perfect for just that.

The rug I own and love it. I cannot say more about this rug and the price. It's 70% off right now so hurry up and buy one for every room.

I am just waiting on the print to arrive and then I'll photograph it, and share it with y'all.

What do you think so far?



  1. I love the things you have picked out! But I gotta say, I'd be totally ok with Reid's version of a living room update too! :)

  2. I love the vibe you're going for!! I am all about gold accents! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. This is going to look great! I'm looking forward to some before and after shots. Love the print!

  4. I love that picture, so soothing to look at! Yeah my husband would probably hang his guitars on the mantle if I let him haha!

  5. that rug is one of my all time fave house purchases, ever. gotta love their crazy sales!

  6. k 70% off a RUG??!!!! that is AMAZING! I love rugs but they're always so pricy . and I love those pillows in your picture thing!! I am so obsessed with gold accents lately haha

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. Love all of your ideas!! The colors in that art piece are gorgeous, and I'm also loving the look of clear glass vases. So pretty!

  8. i love that print from minted! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. That print is beautiful!!!! Love the idea of freshening up for the Summer!

  10. Beautiful, I love that print! Xo, Stephanie


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