Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bumpdate: 14 weeks

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: app says a brilliant beet, about 3" long

Gender: too early, but I would put my money on a boy....

Maternity Clothes: still loving my maternity jeans from Old Navy and basically everything from there right now. I have also discovered that maternity leggings are God's give to pregnant women.

Stretch marks: not thus far.

Sleep: Once I get to sleep, some nights I sleep like a log, other nights, I am up 3 times and cannot get comfortable to save my life. I broke down last week and ordered this I am hoping it changes my life and causes me to not stomach or back sleep. Anyone out there rocking some success stories with a Snoogle?

Best moment this week: Feeling like I look pregnant and not like a bloated mess. And convincing the husband that it is now time to go look at baby stuff!

Miss anything: I am missing a Corona this week. The sunshine outside is making me crave a nice light beer. I am not a huge drinker BUT do enjoy a beer now and then.

Movement: Nope.

Belly button in or out: in still!

Cravings: Spaghetti. It is weird, I know. And anything sweet....donuts, ice-cream, sugar cereal, brownie sundaes....This baby is def already taking after it's daddy with this sweet tooth.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I find that if I don't keep up with my water drinking or eat regularly, I am still getting a little sick to my stomach. Other than that, I am a happy camper this week!

Symptoms: Growing pains in my lower abdomen. I guess things are getting a bit bigger down there and I am feeling a little pressure and ligament pains. All is normal though, nothing to worry about! Not being able to get comfortable and get to sleep. Plus I think it may be time for me to invest in some new bras if you get my drift.

Researching this week: Strollers. I am leaning towards the Baby Jogger line......Mama's out there, give me the low down. What other brands should I be looking at? I am looking for something that I can easily handle by myself and take on a walk around the block and to the park. We are not runners and don't have large SUVs.

Looking forward to: Spending time with my family on Easter and getting this little babe's room all cleaned out so we can get a move on with the nursery!

shirt | pants | adorable shoes that aren't pictured

Make sure you to follow along on insta with me this week. The bump and I are enjoying ourselves in the Big Apple!



  1. I love how you put adorable shoes that aren't pictured! Nothing weird about spaghetti, it's so good. Actually my best friend was craving it a lot with her pregnancy!

  2. Girl, that shade of pink looks so good on you! Enjoy NYC!

  3. I hope your trip is going well! That pillow looks amazing. I wonder if it would be ridiculous to order it when not pregnant....

  4. Loved reading this - I reached 14 weeks on Monday! I am also craving more sweets because my nausea finally went away, and a beer would be nice too :) I wish I still didnt feel bloated and actually felt pregnant! Great little update!

  5. Sweets=girl!!! Go with the baby jogger city select double. I love the options with it to turn it around, add another seat and change the configuration. (They should have a warehouse sale soon!)

  6. Yay for looking and feeling pregnant! Hopefully the Snoogle will help with sleeping. I found that I turned over too much, but I have a feeling once I can't do that during the night that pillow will be my best friend.

  7. YAYYYY mama!!! And yay for preggo leggings and jeans :)

  8. I still sometimes miss my pregnant leggings and jeans. I was going to say that you looked like you have been blossoming and not just in the belly area ;-) I had one of those pillows but was far too short for it, otherwise it was great. I bet it will work for you! Also, we have a Baby Jogger City Mini if you want to check it out.

  9. Yay that it’s almost time to move forward with the nursery! Enjoy NYC this week! Hopefully you get some great weather!

  10. Looking beautiful! The brand Preggo Leggingsbis my absolute favorite! Definiteky invest in a pair!

  11. I'm 21 weeks and STILL haven't gotten any maternity clothes. Girl, let me tell you I need some new bras too. Ahem. You look great!


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