Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Things I'm just not that good at.

Ever wanted to know more useless information about me?

If that answer is yes then today is your lucky day....

In no particular order, here are 10 things that I'm just really not that good at.

Closing cabinet doors.
For some unknown reason, I am really bad at this. I tend to get what I need out of the cabinet and then not bother to close the door and then leave the room. Drives Reid and any past roommates insane.

Resisting the urge to pet any dog I see.
I realize that it might look strange for a 30 year old to ask to ask a stranger if they can pet their dog. But I believe that all dogs are created equal and deserve my love and attention.

Remembering my phone.
I am notorious for walking out the door, getting half way down the street and then frantically dig through my purse in search of my phone. 9 times out of 10 it's hidden up in my bed, under all the covers.

Interrupting people.
This is a horrible habit that I am trying to kick. It is not that I mean to interrupt them, I just get so excited that I want to chime in.

Not ordering 3 drinks overtime we eat out.
At brunch, I always want a coffee, juice and a bloody Mary. For dinner, I really like a water, diet coke and a wine. I don't particularly like to drink while I eat, just before and after. Crazy, I know.

Buying just one of something.
I have this really bad tendency to always buy double of everything, Double toilet paper, double soap, double tank tops, double shoes. What if we run out and we really need it? OR worse, what if I love it and they don't have it anymore?
I just want to be prepared.

Plucking my own eyebrows.
I have a hard time inflicting pain on myself. I get through half of one and then give up. I spend the rest of the day being self conscience about the way I look and force myself to leave work and immediately get them waxed.

Not using WebMD.
Lord. I try to self diagnose myself with everything. Being a hypochondriac and having access to google is a bad combo. I am pretty sure I have had a brain tumor, the whooping cough and Aspartame poisoning all at the same time. That was one hell of a rough day.

Writing thank you notes.
I was raised better than to not write thank you notes but I stink at them. If I do not do them immediately, they will never get done. Period.

Putting an away message up at work.
For the love of gawd, I am just so not good at this simple task. I have to set a reminder in my outlook calendar to do this every single time.

Well now you know 10 completely useless facts about me.
Go and seise the day.



  1. This list made me laugh. I am terrible about interrupting too, definitely something I have to work to improve on as well. I get so excited about the topic at hand that I cannot wait to share. Gotta work on listening :) haha I also am not a fan of plucking my eyebrows, I think my friends have tried to nicely point that out to me lol

  2. Girl I feel you on most of these! I always forget my phone! And I'm always freaking out after I get home from being out somewhere making sure I didn't leave it. And I can't pluck my eyebrows to save my life! Haha!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. This was such a fun post!! I'm the worst at putting dishes away and I always forget to put mascara on before leaving for work - whoops! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I am bad at #4 and #8. Also the drinks thing, but for me it's just a water + a coffee/tea/alcohol.

  5. this is absolutely hilarious!! i leave cabinet doors open as well, it drives KC insane! I also suck at plucking my own eyebrows but only because I just plain suck at it.

  6. Bahaha! Hilarious. My husband also sometimes forgets to close cabinets or drawers and it drives me bonkers!

  7. Love these useless facts- I agree with #3 and you gotta step away from WebMD!! The internet can be great for many things, but the medical stuff tends to always give you the worst case scenario. And I've gotten onto people about the cabinet doors too heheh :)

  8. I'm really bad about forgetting my phone too. The worse time was when I forgot it after a dance recital and my friends found it and were kind enough to meet me at a Target to get it. The only time I spent just 5 seconds in a Target. Embarrassing! I've left it in an Applebee's too haha.


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