Monday, June 23, 2014


Is it Monday already? Time just flew by this weekend for us but I am happy to report that we were super productive and had a happy weekend.

Here is a quick recap on our weekend:

{Friday Night}

We had the best dinner at Saison with our pals Anna and Jeremy. This was our first trip to this quaint little restaurant and definitely not our last. From the moment we walked up, it was pretty much love at first sight. The delicious aroma, the "oh-so-Richmond" vibe, the old over sized bar and the fact that there were probably only 10 tables made me instantly feel like "This is my new fav place". We were seated right away and handed the most amazing menu. They use old books and insert their ever changing menu in the first couple pages. How clever is that? While their food menu is on the small side, their cocktail, beer and wine menu is not. Everything we had was delish and we are already planning our next trip back!


Well, I had to work on Saturday but we had a great group of girls and the day just flew by. After work and a quick change into some comfy clothes, we were off to my brother and SIL's house to babysit the munchkins. Libbie and Palmer were just perfect and precious in every way. It is so nice there were two of us and two of them. Palmer and Reid were two peas in a pod, playing baseball in the back yard, having a "boys only, no girls allowed" convo and even a little bike riding. I enjoyed my "girl time" with Libbie. She is really something these days, babbling and blowing bubbles. And that smile! I say this all the time, but boy are we blessed with a such a sweet niece and nephew!
(Picture quality is bad I know, sorry! I only had my phone!) 


This was one of the most productive days we have had in a long time. We, I mean Reid, finally finished painting the guest bedroom and what a difference a coat of paint and primer makes! While Reid was painting away, I was off running a million errands. I had a HomeGoods gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket and a guest bathroom that needed some TLC. Check, that place always delivers. Grocery store, check. Target again, check. Home, to display all my pretty and very reasonable finds. I also installed the Target curtains in our bedroom and I think I love them. I need to grab some tiebacks and have had my eye on these for quite a while. Is it bad that the tiebacks are more than the curtains? 

I can't wait to show you the finished product from all our hard work on Sunday, so be on the lookout. Ashley will be here tomorrow to fill us all in on what's trending these days!

A special thanks to Biana and Meghan for hosting their Weekending link up! 


See ya Wednesday!



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  1. Those tie-backs are so cute! looks like you had a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. OMG the food looks amazing at Saison - mouth watering good! Don't you just love babysitting - you get the best of both worlds :) Happy Monday!

  3. Ok Saison sounds (and looks) amazing! And loving your tiebacks!! Glad you had a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  4. looks like a fun weekend! that food looks so tasty!

  5. What a fun and productive weekend! The cocktail menu at the restaurant looked divine, and I'm such a sucker for Home Goods!! Have a great week!


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