Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Procrastination and Charlotte Pearl

Happy Monday Y'all!

I had such big things in mind for this past weekend and a huge to-do list to prove it. I am happy to report that nothing at all was successfully checked off because I was bitten by the procrastination bug. The only remedy was to eat out as much as possible and spend time on the couch catching up on Netflix and DVR.


Things that did not get accomplished this weekend: 

Guest bedroom spring clean
Organize my closet
Change bed linens
Pack all my winter clothes up that have been chilling on the guest bed for 3 weeks
Put 1 million clothes away
Find a place for all the random stuff that is currently sitting around
Eat well
Plan this week's dinners and go grocery shopping
Bacon Fest RVA ... I know, I know, epic fail!
Respond to any of my amazing blog followers via email
A shower on Sunday

Things that did get accomplished this weekend: 

Finished season 1 of The Following
Pretty sure I put on two lbs
Made a royal mess in my attempt to work on the upstairs
Clean up that said mess mentioned above
Caught up on Deadliest Catch
Started Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Amazing couch time with the hubby and the pups
Made a mean batch of homemade chocolate pudding
 4 loads of laundry
Friday dinner with Corbin and Mark at CW
Dinner and a movie with Reid on Saturday
Charlotte Pearl's naming ceremony*

*My friend Dani's baby girl Charlotte Pearl's naming ceremony on Saturday was just perfection!. Reid and I were humbled to attend this special event and send so much love to this beautiful family. 

What a great spread!
OH Major, yes Love, you were the first baby in their family!
It's official. I am the last in our group without a baby! It's ok, I love being the best Auntie ever to all of them! 
Dani and her husband, Adam were so sweet and the Rabbi seemed to be just another member of the family.  
Charlotte Pearl and her auntie Ashley and Grandmother
I just love a good Auntie shot!
The whole, big beautiful fam!
My sweet friend Danielle and her precious baby girl! 
And here's the entire gang. Love these ladies so much it hurts! 

This weekend was just actually just what we needed. I cannot remember the last time I spent an entire Sunday at home and it was amazing. Hopefully, next weekend will be more productive because I have the in-laws coming soon and need to get my act together.

So much love on this Monday!



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  1. What you did get accomplished sounds much more exciting than what you had on the agenda!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  2. What a great weekend! There's nothing wrong with a little procrastination... I do it all the time! ;)

    <3, Pamela

  3. Love your pictures! Sounds like a great weekend... Productive or not. :)

  4. i ate too much food too.. mah thats what weekends are for!! looks like you had a great time :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I'm pretty sure I accomplished adding a couple of pounds this weekend! I was cracking up over the list of things that did NOT get accomplished... I need to make one of those every Monday!

  6. I really love the name Charlotte. What'd you think about Season 1 of the Following? I'm waiting for 3 to come on Netflix, but I liked season 1 and 2. Thanks for linking up! xo


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