Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Favorites!

Happy Monday Loves!

I hope everyone had a grand weekend filled with loads of sunshine and fun. I thought it would be fun to share my favorites from this past weekend since there were so many. Enjoy!

{Best Meal}

Hands down the best meal I had all weekend had to be our feast at the Greek Festival on Friday night. The food was absolutely amazing and the company was even better. My niece Libbie and my nephew Palmer were such a joy to be around and we loved seeing them laugh and giggle. Between the 3 ladies in our group, we put away 4 bottles of wine and I def had a headache to prove it on Saturday.  

{Favorite Look}

Y'all bear with me... This is my first attempt at having my husband take pictures of me for this blog. They turned out ok right? Well, I have been itching to wear this dress and Saturday night was the perfect excuse. Steve, one of my most favorite people, was celebrating his well deserved retirement and we were thrilled to be included. Congrats Steve!!!

dress: J.Crew // sunnies: Maui Jim //  watch: Kate Spade // bracelet: David Yurman // necklace: here // bag: Kate Spade // shoes: Nine West 

{Most Relaxing}

My friend Jenn was just wonderful to let me invite myself to her pool. Not only did she let me hang out with her all day but she bought me lunch too! Sorry, I am not sorry for the hot dog and bacon loaded fries, I most definitely needed them after Saturday night. We had a lovely time chatting, reading and just relaxing in the amazing sun.

{Favorite Moment}

It should be no surprise that my favorite moment happened between my two best guys. Reid loves this little dude and I cannot tell you how happy it makes my heart to see these two laugh and play.  Family dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house is always the highlight of my weekend but watching Reid with my nephew Palmer just takes the cake. If this is any glimpse into what kind of father he will be someday, I feel like one lucky wifey!

That wraps it up for me loves! Ashley will be here tomorrow to let you in on what's tending this week!

Lots of Love!!


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  1. Oh loving the outfit - such a fun dress! That little babe in the first photo looks so tuckered out!! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for linking up!! :)

  2. Your dress is adorable!! And I love the polish on your toes! I've been on the look out for something similar...

  3. Cute toenail polish! And I always love seeing grown men (especially the hubs) interact with babies. Definitely swoon-worthy. Found you through the linkup!

  4. That first photo is too sweet! I never ask my husband to take photos because he always moans and groans about it! So the tripod and remote have become my friends haha!

  5. I am loving that monogram inside of your hat!!! Where did you find that?

  6. wine for dinner is the best right? Well I mean I know there was some "food" in there but the main attraction was certainly those bottles ;-) Yeah for your hubby taking your pictures!!!! He did a great job!!! I am sloooowly getting Mark on board!

  7. Um! I love Greek festivals! I think your husband did a great job and you styled that dress perfectly! I am trying to get my fiance to get on board. Maybe when we go to Mexico. Thanks for linking up! xo


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