Monday, April 7, 2014

What a productive Sunday!

so it's Monday again....
 As we all embark on a fresh start this week - I thought I would share a little peek into our productive Sunday of outdoor fun. With a lot of help from husband Reid and the awesome sale at Home Depot, we accomplished so much in our yard yesterday. I am ashamed to admit that our yard WAS way overdue for some TLC and needed attention stat! Thankfully, the weather in Richmond was glorious on Sunday and just right for outside chores. 



We were so thankful to check off some of our yard chores from our ever growing "to-do" list and see what a difference our hard work made!

Y'all want to know something funny? I sat out in the front yard for just an hour planting those white window boxes and mean neck and rando arm least Reid got a good laugh!

Happy Monday!


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